Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch.99.1

A man in a black robe stood in the midair, faintly visible golden embroidery on his clothes highlighted his nobility. His proud and aloof ice cold eyes seemed to hold no concerns, their deep black pools eternally serene, as if nothing in this mortal world could touch his heart. The jet-black hair loosely scattered behind his ears seemed to glow with a deep, venerable blue light. His handsome features would make anyone exclaim in admiration and at the same time, his formidable aura would make anyone willingly lower their heads before him¹.





At the moment, those were feelings shared by everyone there.

But this honorable man that was above others and gave off cold and formidable aura was holding close a girl in his arms. Although there was neither expressions nor emotions on his face, the movements of his arms were very gentle.

Behind the man in black, stood another, also black robed, man. His long, black as ink hair scattered in the wind was slightly held together by a hairband at the back of his head, his whole body emitted an ice-cold aura of a sharpened sword. His sharp features along with an icy aura and profound look in his eyes created an illusion of an unsheathed sword ready to strike down danger at any moment.

If this kind of man stood alone, none would be able to neglect his presence. However, such an outstanding man calmly stood behind the first man, respectfully guarding him.

The sudden appearance of the black-robed man startled Murong Xiong and others and they didn’t know what was it about.

Murong Rui, Murong Li, and Murong Xin looked at each other with a trace of heaviness in their eyes. Just a moment ago, they exhausted all of their strength attacking Murong Qingyan. They were resolute in their attacks and determined not to let her survive.

Moreover, they were sure that after this kind of attack, Murong Qingyan would be unable to hold onto her life any longer. However, after they launched their attacks, this man suddenly appeared.

Although they didn’t know who this man was, they sensed that he was not someone they could even look at. With such a distinguished and formidable aura in front of them, they couldn’t even have a thought of resisting. They had a feeling that whatever this man said they would be happy to do it.

“Who are you?” Looking at the man hugging Murong Qingyan, Murong Xiong was full of dread, restraining his fear said: “This is Murong family! Unexpectedly, you dare to trespass Murong Estate, your guts are truly not small, ah!”

He never imagined that Murong Qingyan would be acquainted with this kind of powerful man. Even if at the moment his mouth spouted menacing threats, his heart didn’t believe in them.

Rustle! Without shifting his eyes, the man in black swished his sleeve and swift and fierce attack flew at Murong Xiong.

Facing this kind of attack, Murong Xiong subconsciously wanted to hide, however, he found out that his body was unable to move, he could only helplessly watch as it drew closer. Then, he only felt a burst of pain in his abdomen, the five viscera and six bowels shifting, his whole person became airborne and flew away until he hit a fence and slid down.

He wanted to support himself with a hand to get up, however, unable to bear it, he spat out blood, his expression dejected and dispirited.

The color of the blood he spat was different from ordinary blood, it was of a dark red color, closer to black, it was essentially pure. It was not the usual blood, but the blood essence.


  1. This whole description thing is…painful. You see, when I read, I get a certain, sane and sensible image of what the author tries to describe (of cos, in my opinion), however, that received through the text image in my mind somehow totally differs with the written original (words and structure) when I try to translate them. But since I have a moral duty to translate and not to ad lib, due to my poor skill, we have that thing above. There are two things you have to know about this description I had to tweak, though.

a) ‘his… eyes… seemed to hold no concerns’ – in original ‘seemed to have no focal length’. I understand what the author means, as I’m sure you can imagine it, too. However, when people catch me staring ‘with no focal length/distance’, well, they get worried whether I need help with my mental health (hey, I’ve been just thinking!), so the best I could think of was to change it with ‘no concerns’, cos I think that’s the general idea author tried to deliver. If you have better ideas, pls, pls, write ‘em down in comments.

b) ‘his hair glowed with venerable blue’ – you ask me what is venerable blue? I say, it’s supposed to be ‘ancient/serene blue’ at best and ‘hidden/concealed blue’ at worst if we go word by word with the original. It also could be ‘deep and remote/distant blue’ if we connect two of them. None of those were to my comprehensive liking, so I got you ‘venerable’ for all those. Once again, if you have better ideas, pls, comment below.


Agnie’s corner:

I have a love and hate relationship with Hungfu Jue’s appearances. And I mean ‘appearances’ in all senses of this word, which you might have noticed in the rant above. So… Huangfu Jue, don’t leave again? Pretty please? I would hate to delay releases due to my inability to cope with your magnificent ‘appearances’.

It’s pure luck that releases were on time this week. Messy schedule still rages on. Sorry. Especially beginning of the upcoming week (if not the entire week). Before internalizing this sh.. pit I fell this time into, I wanted to refrain from ranting, but I still find it fair to explain:

a short explanation (imagine, if I went off the tangent and it became long-winded... even I feel scared)
  1. Due to some health problems I was supposed to cut my work hours. Which didn’t work out.
  2. My mom didn’t know (?) it didn’t work out, and out of her goodwill shoved me into my long forgotten hell (which she didn’t know was an actual hell) of a part-time job, where her ‘good acquaintance’ is The Boss. And which I found myself unable to extricate myself from due to ‘face’ issues.
  3. As a result, instead of a less workload I so needed & wanted, I got my weekends gone to sh… occupied. And most weekday evenings as well. (and now I’m anxiously waiting for the reason of #1 to flare up)
  4. I have to help out there until November. And, hopefully, not longer. Amen.

In short, the unexpected fiery pits dug by well-meaning people are the most awful sort. But I really want to translate MGSSGW, boohooo T_T And I want to see more of Huangfu Jue, too… And I can’t even drink coffee.

(Why I was ranting in the first place instead of translating, huh? Mental pressure, I guess, since I have no more tables that are not overturned. And nope, I neither ask nor seek comfort (I have my cat for that), it’s just that once I start, it’s hard to stop. *coughs* and I prefer laughs over sobs)

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    • Agnie

      Tsk, you, innocent soul! Of cos, it’s for a reason! Otherwise, how would I relieve my stress if I didn’t let someone else enjoy it? My evilness knows no bounds *muahahaha* But seriously, all the chapter parts are of the same size as the author had them initially (until 89th chapter, I think). So… stay tuned *Cheshire grin*

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    Thank you 😭 😭 😭 I’m crying tears of joy! I seriously want them as my parents! If I was a baby spirit there’d be ALot of competition for that slot, I wouldn’t be surprised if they scored on the first go!

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    Awww… so ML-sama is back. I hope he stays for good or I’m gluing him to Qingyan if I have to. Keke!

    Chinese authors really love to use flowery terms to describe their characters, don’t they? I’ve already gone cross-eyed reading Xie Jing Xing’s description from The Rebirth of Malicious Empress of Military Lineage. There’re only so many terms one can use to describe beautiful but… COME. ON. You see paragraphs (PARAGRAPHS with an S) describing his looks alone. Geh. Another complaint is the ridiculously LONG-A*S TITLES!!! What’s up with that?

    And I’m going off the tangent here.

    Anyway, you can always go with “apathetic” or “blasé/blase”. Both also means showing or feeling no interest, enthusiasm, or concern. But it might lose what the author is trying to convey. Yipes. *le sigh* I’m giving you lots of anti-headache/headache relief medicine for hours spent on translating. Hehe.

    So, again. Huangfu Jue. STAY. *cackles like a lunatic*

    Thanks for the chapter, Agnie! 🙂

    P.S. Rant over. *slams head on the table repeatedly.

    • Agnie

      Yeah, only now do I feel the pain of poor souls having to translate odes to Xie Jing Xing’s looks >_< (Actually, every time I skipped them, I thought that translators could just save themselves the trouble and omit this beauty horror >_< ). My, ain't it perfect *jumps for joy* Now I know where I got myself in the vicious loop of stagnation in this sentence xD Maybe I should read some novels in English because I feel my literary vocabulary drowned in the mundane world of IWM >_> Ho-ho, I think I had to put down Outlander books somewhere in the middle. (How many years ago was it again? *horrified*). Thank you!!
      ps. he’s gonna stay. A while (esp considering the speed of releases).

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        *le gasp*

        That’s just evil, Agnie. That’s just. Evil. 😭😭😭 Don’t leave me hanging about ML-sama for long. 😝😂🤣

        It is a lot easier on you and the readers if you simplify what the authors write. On the other hand, your readers won’t suffer the same thing that you did—reading long-winded description of the author’s perfect characters. 😂🤣

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    As a fellow slave to the whims of my meat cage… *hugs* You rock! Cats are awesome! You rock! Ty for the translation. Even a little is better than none! <3


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