Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch.99.2

Blood essence was of different importance than normal blood to cultivators. It was a product of a successful condensation and compression of xuanli. The blood essence could be said to be the energy of a person as well as a deciding factor determining cultivator’s lifespan.

When Murong Xiong spit out blood essence, no one could tell how many years of life were shaved off from him.

The people present there sucked in a breath of cold air. The great power of that man made them shudder in fear.

How strong was their Family head they were well aware. But the man in front of them, with a mere wave of his sleeve, could cause heavy injuries to the Family head who was at the mid-stage of Golden Core period. What kind of cultivation could achieve such a feat? It wasn’t wrong to claim that in the entire capital, no, even in whole Galuo country or entire mainland, such a terrifying existence could not be found.

Moreover, the way they saw it, the relationship between this man and Murong Qingyan wasn’t simple. If the black-robed man chose to protect Murong Qingyan, none of them could do anything about it. What they were most worried now was that in case that man decided to take revenge for her, they didn’t know whether they could survive it.

The man standing behind black-robed one was a deep and immeasurable existence on his own, however, this kind of deep and immeasurable man willingly took on a protecting role for the man in front of him. This alone was enough of proof how tyrannical this man must be.

“This one doesn’t know how the senior may be addressed?” Murong Rui cautiously looked at the man and asked in a voice laced with respect.

In this dog eat dog world, where strong ruled, the strength was everything. Although the man looked very young, Murong Rui didn’t dare to slight him.

The black-robed man, namely, Huangfu Jue, seemed not to have heard Murong Rui’s question, even a brow he hadn’t moved in response. At this moment, all his attention was focused on the delicate girl in his bosom.

“Tsk, still such a stubborn little girl,” Looking at her, Huangfu Jue’s eyes held tenderness in them, even he himself wasn’t aware of: “Going so far as to willfully break through the placed seals of suppression. Truly, not afraid of death.”

Saying so, he stretched out his hand and placed it firmly on Murong Qingyan’s body and sent into her the pure xuanli essence. Murong Qingyan’s complexion became rosy at the speed seen by the naked eye.

Back then, when Murong Qingyan was absorbing Earth Core Flame, to help her, Huangfu Jue had sent his xuanli into her body. At that time a breath of his xuanli was left in her, so her body was familiar with it. That’s why now when Huangfu Jue transferred his xuanli in her, Murong Qingyan’s body didn’t show any signs of resistance, it flowed through her as smoothly as if her body was its own home.

Watching Murong Qingyan’s face gradually become rosy, Huangfu Jue didn’t actually know what had happened. Back then, when she was absorbing the Divine Flame, its power was extremely formidable, so she had no way to assimilate it completely. At that time he helped her suppress its strength.

But today he had discovered that his seal of suppression became less stable and ultimately, was broken. Even though he didn’t know what was actually going, he knew that something must have happened to her.

Neither did he know what happened to him. When he thought that she must have suffered an accident, a stinging pain stabbed through his heart. Although he wasn’t sure of himself, he was certain that he didn’t want this interesting girl to disappear from this world. So, he came here.

The man standing behind him had a calm expression on his face, however, if one were to look closely, a surprise could be seen hidden behind his calm facade.

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