Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch.99.3

In his experience, his lord was a cold, or better yet, cold and aloof person! But this indifferent man actually helped this Murong Qingyan girl again and again. His lord, a person who was obsessed with cleanliness actually held onto Murong Qingyan in this state.

When he witnessed the scene a moment ago, he thought it were his own eyes that had a problem. And especially so right now, when he caught a glimpse of what his lord was unaware of: his lord’s eyes actually turned gentle when looking at her.

That unfailingly ruthless and heartless lord of his unexpectedly had such a gentle look, and towards a woman to boot. No, actually she wasn’t even a woman, but a little girl, and to be precise, an ugly little girl at that.

At this time, linking all the events, in the heart of the bodyguard an absurd idea started to form: his lord might have taken a liking to this little girl.

No. No, this couldn’t be.

Xuan Yi, the bodyguard, instantly chided himself and rejected that idea with all his might. What kind of person his lord was, ah! In this world, his lord was the supreme existence. Even Lord of the Realm had some scruples crossing him. How could his lord take a fancy to a feeble little girl in this teeny tiny continent?

Not to mention that this little girl absolutely didn’t have any good points. Her cultivation was low, her facial features were ugly. The lord must have found her to be interesting, like an amusing little toy. Right! That was it, his lord considered that little girl as a plaything, nothing more.

Xuan Yi unceasingly nodded in his heart, not sure whom he wanted to convince more, himself or others.

Whatever was running in Xuan Yi’s head at the moment, Huangfu Jue didn’t know. All his thoughts were placed on Murong Qingyan in his arms. When he noticed that the eyelashes of the person in his bosom started to flutter slightly, his knitted eyebrows finally loosened.

Murong Qingyan felt as if her whole body was falling apart. She knew she was too hasty, she shouldn’t have forcefully broken the seal of suppression. She knew that her body was unable to digest the tyrannical power of the Earth Core Flame, however, when Murong Xiong spoke badly of her parents, she couldn’t control her innermost feelings.

Ultimately, she didn’t even have the strength to hide into her space. She knew she was sent flying and her whole body was in pain. She had no idea how many broken bones she had and she didn’t know how grave were her internal injuries. At this moment, her strength was overdrawn.

However, right then she sensed a warm force slowly trickling in her body. This force felt like a warm spring water little by little flowing in her. In the places where this warm force passed through the pain slowly receded, gradually vanishing, and the strength she lost was as steadily coming back.

As she slowly opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was a heavenly handsome face. Even though it was a man, seeing such exquisite features, one couldn’t help but feel intoxicated.

“You!” Murong Qingyan instantly recognized the owner of the face in front of her.

The man in front of her, Huangfu Jue, had once helped her when she was trying to assimilate the Earth Core Flame. But how could he possible appear here?

“Was it you who saved me?” Murong Qingyan quickly figured the present situation.

Before she lost consciousness, she remembered that she was caught in a warm embrace. So, it turned out that it was not an illusion, but a reality.

“That’s right,” Huangfu Jue nodded without hesitation: “I’ve saved you twice already. How are you going to repay me?”


Agnie’s corner:

I’m a bit amazed here. How could that guard SEE the eyes of Huangfu Jue if he’s standing BEHIND him?! Even if Huangfu Jue’s head is half turned due to looking at Murong Qingyan (which is in itself doubtful), it shouldn’t be at such a degree that the guard could see the expression in his eyes (unless Huangfu Jue is an owl) and there’s still hair that is in the way. I’m nit-picking, right? Sigh.

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  • k1ru

    behind and to the side…. so he’s seeing the profile … I’ll make it work somehow! Besides… The guard already has the wrong impression … tsk think you know your masters thoughts. Such a disrespectful bodyguard, though it’s going to be amusing when you finally see!! *squee*

  • iRead4Fun

    Nyahahahahhahahaha! It’s called the magic of the author’s imagination. Kekeke!

    Now, Huangfu Jie. How are you going to compensate Qingyan for her injuries since you arrived late? 😤

    Thanks for the chapter, Agnie! 😁

  • joanne

    hi translator,
    thank you for the chapter.
    can you break the chapters less? 9 parts for 1 chapter to be complete it is too much. its been an agony to read so few words per time.

  • Vampirecat

    Maybe Xuan Yi’s perspective is a result of his cultivation. I’ve read other cultivation novels where the cultivator develops a spiritual awareness that’s rather similar to clairvoyance.

    • Phour

      Or we could go to the other absurd levels to cover the plot-holes and say he was using a little tiny prison mirror tied to a stick, because the bodyguard has a panty-peeping problem… *New Headcannon*

  • Morbid Eel

    “That unfailingly ruthless and heartless lord of his unexpectedly had such a gentle look, and towards a woman to boot.” if not a woman then a man? Does the servant think his lord is gay?


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