Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch.99.4

Murong Qingyan no longer paid any heed to Huangfu Jue, focusing all of her attention on the current situation in front of her. She didn’t forget that before she blacked out, the three elders dealt her a fatal blow.

Noticing the change in Murong Qingyan’s attitude, Huangfu Jue didn’t feel offended and slowly withdrew his hand¹. Once he suppressed the raging powers in her body, he held onto her and softly landed on the ground. A moment too soon, he let go of her and let her stand on her own.

In a blink of an eye, there wasn’t a single person in the courtyard that dared to attack Murong Qingyan again. If Murong Qingyan was alone there, they would have acted unscrupulous, however, now behind her stood a man. A man of a great power.

Murong Xiong glared at Murong Qingyan bitterly, yet, he didn’t dare to act blindly. At the moment, he didn’t even have the strength to stand up. Murong Rui and other elders also closely watched Murong Qingyan’s every move and action.

Now that the things came to this point, they didn’t believe that Murong Qingyan would treat it as if nothing happened and let them go scot-free. If they faced only Murong Qingyan, then they would have the confidence to win, yet, the two men with an extremely dangerous aura appeared out of the thin air and seemed to be on her side.

However, to the shock of the all present, Murong Qingyan didn’t attack them off the bat, but looked towards a dark corner and opened her mouth to speak.

Murong Qingxue, who was hiding in a dark, was so mad she wanted to vomit blood. How could she take it! She was simply unable to come to terms that this sure-fire situation would be instantly reversed like this. When she saw that Murong Qingyan such a godly treasure, she already felt exceptionally hateful.

Then, she watched as Murong Qingyan was successfully plotted against by the three elders, her death imminent.

Yet, she didn’t even have time to feel happy, as she was scared silly by what happened next.

At the most crucial moment, a man appeared out of nowhere and saved Murong Qingyan!

When she saw this man, she felt her heart thumping wildly. Even when she saw Nangong Ye, her heart didn’t throb so fiercely. This kind of handsome and powerful gentleman would make women all over the world fall for him in a heartbeat. Even though she had Nangong Ye, seeing this man, she felt like succumbing to him.

However, the flames of her hatred towards Murong Qingyan stoked even stronger, when she saw this man holding her in his arms protectively.

Why? Why would this ugly Murong Qingyan know such an outstanding man? Murong Qingyan broke off the engagement with Nangong Ye, but afterward, she actually got to know even a more amazing man.

Why?! Murong Qingyan was an abandoned, disfigured child. Even if her cultivation was high, she didn’t have any status in the family. Such a person, how could she possibly get to know this kind of powerful and noble man?

Just as Murong Qingxue was immersed in her loathing, a demonic voice rang in her ears.

“You’ve been hiding there for so long, watching a good drama unfold… don’t you want to come out and participate?” A corner of Murong Qingyan’s lips raised in a sneer, looking at the place where Murong Qingxue was hiding and added coldly: “If you want to discredit me and throw this black pot onto me², first you’ve gotta make whether I agree to it!”

Startled, Murong Qingxue felt a chill spreading through the bottom of her heart, her eyes grew big while her pupils shrank, fear flashing within them. She didn’t know whether Murong Qingyan had discovered her already, the instinct stemmed from the fear screamed at her only one thing: flee.

However, just as she lifted her foot, the demonic voice rang once again in her ears.


  1. Uhhh… It was a long while back, so I forgot… therefore, I’m not sure what hand author means there. One hand is supposed to be used to hug/hold her, so I think he was doing something with the other, eh?
  2. Black pot… bad name, smear one’s reputation


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