Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch.99.6

“Whether you admit it or not, I don’t care,” Murong Qingyan sneered, the depths of her eyes ice-cold: “Since you’ve done such a thing, I absolutely won’t forgive you.”

Saying so, Murong Qingyan moved close to Murong Qingxue, grabbed her neck and raised her from the ground.

As Murong Qingxue’s neck was clenched tightly and her body left the ground, the only thought haunted her: she couldn’t breathe. She unceasingly tried to swat Murong Qingyan’s hand, wishing for the other party to loosen her grip, however, the hand that was pinching her neck was like an iron chain, not budging even an iota.

Her breathing was growing more and more difficult, the air in her lungs becoming less and less. Murong Qingxue felt as if today was to be her last.

Murong Xiong had trouble protecting even himself, of course, he had neither time nor worry to spare for Murong Qingxue, this granddaughter of his. As for the rest of the elders, even if they wanted to come to her rescue, it was impossible for them. Because they found a pair of icy-cold eyes staring at them.

Although the eyes didn’t stare at them specifically, they felt that as long as they made one wrong move, the owner of these eyes would get rid of them without a doubt.

“Murong Qingyan, do you really want to kill Xue-er? Don’t forget that she’s your half-sister, you have the same father. If Xizhao knew that his daughter killed his youngest one, do you think he would be happy?”

At this time, it was Murong Xiyi who opened his mouth to plead. Although he knew that under such circumstances he shouldn’t have spoken out, however, he just couldn’t watch helplessly how Murong Qingxue died in front of him. That’s why he had no other choice but to gather his courage and speak up for her and even had to mention Xizhao.

He noticed that just a while ago when her father’s name was mentioned, Murong Qingyan’s emotions were stirred, so he could only try his luck again.

Indeed, when she heard her father’s name, Murong Qingyan’s pupils shrank, a wave of emotion passed through her eyes, however, she looked at Murong Qingxue with the same ruthlessness as before, her hand was still tightening on her neck.

Seeing Murong Qingyan’s expression, Murong Xiyi felt like he tried to outsmart her, yet ended up in an awkward situation.

However, when Murong Qingxue was on a verge of her death, Murong Qingyan flung her to the ground as if she was throwing a trash.

At the moment, Murong Qingxue couldn’t care less about being humiliated, she coughed and tried to gulp hungrily the fresh air to fill her lungs. After passing through this ordeal of brushing shoulders with Grim Reaper1, she now learned the importance of air to a human being.

Murong Qingyan looked at the sorry figure that was Murong Qingxue and approached her slowly step by step, no emotions could be found in her eyes. No one knew what she wanted to do.

Terror reflected in Murong Qingxue’s eyes. Yes, she hated, loathed Murong Qingyan so very much, yet, now, after passing this moment of life and death, fear overshadowed all her feelings towards her elder sister. Seeing Murong Qingyan draw closer to her, she shrank back without hesitation, feeling suffocated with dread.

“Murong Qingxue, taking in consideration father’s face2, I won’t kill you today,” Murong Qingyan’s ice-cold voice delivered her ice-cold message: “But only this time will I spare you. From now on, you and I, we won’t have a family relationship anymore, I’m breaking our sibling ties. If I ever meet you later on, I won’t let you off again. So, you’d better behave yourself!”

Then, Murong Qingyan turned around and didn’t even look at Murong Qingxue again.

After teaching Murong Qingxue a lesson, she turned to walk directly towards Murong Xiong.


  1. I think you got that one. She means she luckily escaped death aka si3shen1 – God of Death, Grim Reaper.
  2. We all by now know, that ‘face’ in Chinese has much more meaning than just ‘pretty face’. It encompasses everything from reputation, self-esteem, esteem, feelings, and just about anything concerning ‘image’ (the one Westerners are used to). Here Murong Qingyan puts emphasis on ‘feelings’ and ‘self-esteem’.


Agnie’s corner:

28th August part.

One would think Murong Qingxue would learn from this experience… but it’s too much to ask for, right? *takes in a very deep, a very cleansing breath* This family is just… ugh, in my experience it’s comparable only to Emperor’s Wild consort one. Pity, I’m out of stakes and pitchforks by now.

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