Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch.99.7

Murong Rui, Murong Li, and Murong Xin, the three elders, immediately stood in front of Murong Xiong protectively. Although they feared that fathomless man, as elders of Murong family they were duty bound to protect Family head.

If a family head had a mishap, it would without a doubt deal a fatal blow to the family. As elders of the family, they couldn’t let it happen no matter what.

Watching actions of those elders, Murong Qingyan couldn’t hold back a mocking smile: “Elders, what’s wrong? There’s no need to be so high-strung, is there? Don’t tell me you’re afraid that this little girl will be able to hurt Master Murong?”

“Murong Qingyan, we won’t let you harm Family head!” Murong Rui stood in front of Murong Xiong unswervingly: “If you want to harm Family head, you’ll have to do so over our dead bodies.”

Murong Li looked at the seemingly small and frail girl with the alert. He certainly didn’t forget her strength that she displayed just moments ago, furthermore, there also was a man who watched the ongoings in an aloof manner: “Murong Qingyan, don’t forget, you’re also surnamed Murong.”

“What? Has the second elder finally remembered that I’m also one of the Murongs?” Hearing Murong Li’s persuasion, Murong Qingyan found it funny: “Just now, when you went all out in your attacks against me, leaving me no chance to survive, why did you not think that I’m surnamed Murong then?”

“Murong Qingyan, don’t think that you can spout nonsense just because there’s this gentleman standing behind you,” Murong Xin couldn’t stand it any longer and retorted her: “Besides, we haven’t done anything wrong, we merely protected Murong family’s interests.”

“Hahaha, you really know how to joke,” Murong Qingyan didn’t hold back her laughter: “Is your way of protecting Family’s interests by making me a scapegoat, then robbing me of my treasures to make up your losses? Did it not cross your minds that your behavior is no different from what people call ‘robbing’?”

“After all, what are you trying to do?” Even under those circumstances Murong Rui and others absolutely refused to acknowledge their mistakes.

They represented Murong Family, if they admitted to being in the wrong and today’s matter leaked out, they would only invite the public ridicule onto themselves.

“Actually, elders don’t need to be so tense,” Murong Qingyan looked straight at Murong Xiong with a smirk: “I merely wanted to say few words to Master Murong.”

As she said, she didn’t move forward. She just stood there, looking at the disheveled Murong Xiong who was sprawled on the ground, her eyes brimming with derision.

Even though Murong Qingyan didn’t make any strange moves, elders didn’t dare to drop their guard down.

Murong Qingyan didn’t mind them, she didn’t even spare them a glance. She waved her hand and a small porcelain bottle appeared in her grasp. Then she peered at Murong Xiong, a brilliant smile playing on her lips, she looked as a mischievous little girl who was about to play a prank: “Master Murong, why don’t you guess, what is in this vial I hold in my hand, m?”

Her demeanor changed so abruptly, that thought process of those present was unable to keep up.

Huangfu Jue, who was standing not far from them, seemed to figure out what Murong Qingyan was going to do and a corner of his lips couldn’t help but raise in a smile.


Agnie’s corner:

30th August part (wow, I’m just a half month behind now).

When rage at work overlaps with rage at this family, it’s just Ugh combo. I want some cuddly chapters already T_T But there’s still at least 2 parts with this… amazing family. Boohoo.

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