Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch.99.8

Even though Murong Qingyan asked the question, she didn’t really care about an answer. She opened the vial and poured out a small brown ball on her palm, and to everyone’s shock, it was a pill. Instantly, a rich medicinal aroma spread out in all directions.

“It’s a Rejuvenation pill!” Murong Rui cried out in surprise.

He had seen a Rejuvenation pill before and had a vivid memory of its unique fragrance.

Not only Murong Rui, everyone looked at Murong Qingyan, eyes flashing with inconceivable light.

Just a second ago, elders thought that their actions were unfair to Murong Qingyan. Even if they didn’t acknowledge it, in the depths of their hearts they knew right from wrong. But now they felt uncertain. What’s more, they just couldn’t understand, hadn’t Murong Qingyan always claimed that she had nothing to do with this theft? Then why did she take out this pill out now?

At this time, the one who was shocked the most was Murong Qingxue, because she knew best, what happened with Rejuvenation pill. But now, why was it in Murong Qingyan’s hands? No, perhaps, she should ask, how come Murong Qingyan had a Rejuvenation pill?

“Murong Qingyan, you! Abomination!” Seeing a Rejuvenation pill laying on Murong Qingyan’s palm, Murong Xiong couldn’t swallow his rising anger: “At last, you’re finally willing to take out Rejuvenation pill! Just now you took it out yourself, now the evidence of your crime is conclusive. What more do you have to say!”

“Master Murong, why are you so impatient?” On the receiving end of Murong Xiong’s end, Murong Qingyan just lightly smiled: “Also, when have I ever said that it’s an evidence of my crime? It’s an evidence of my innocence.”

Her remark confused them, however, her following action made them dumbfounded.

Murong Qingyan tilted her small bottle again and another pill fell onto her snow-white palm. It had the same shape, the same size, and the same aroma as the first one. There was no need to ask what it was: obviously, it was another Rejuvenation pill.

Suddenly seeing two Rejuvenation pills, everyone’s eyes sent burning hot rays at them. They wished they could go up to her and immediately snatch those pills. It had to be known, that a single Rejuvenation pill was enough to make influential families go crazy over it. Murong family guarded it as its most important treasure and placed it in the treasure for the safekeeping. Yet, now two of them actually appeared.

However, the things that shocked them even more, were yet to come.

The smile on Murong Qingyan’s face became even brighter. Her wrist moved, and another Rejuvenation pill ended up on her palm. And then another, and another…

Staring at the pills in Murong Qingyan’s hand, everyone forgot to breathe, there was a pin-drop silence. No one could believe what they were seeing.

Ultimately, Murong Qingyan stopped abusing her wrist, and ten Rejuvenation pills were quietly lying in front of everyone. Her small palm overflowed with them so that it appeared that a couple of them would just roll down any moment, making people witnessing this scene aghast with anxiety for the precious pills.

“You… how can you have so many Rejuvenation pills?” Seeing this scene with his own eyes, Murong Xiong experienced an unprecedented shock: “How did you get them?”

“Haha, since Master Murong wishes to know, of course, I’ll explain it clearly without hiding anything,” Murong Qingyan beamed a smile at Murong Xiong: “These pills were left for my use by my Master. Therefore, Master Murong, do you think since I have so many Rejuvenation pills, would I need to take risks to steal your measly one?”


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