Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch.99.9

“You! Since you have so many of them, why have you not just said so!” Murong Xiong grew even angrier when he heard Murong Qingyan’s explanation, so angry that he even missed she was implying.

The only thought spinning in his head was that if she said so from the very beginning, then the things certainly wouldn’t have come to such an end and they definitely wouldn’t have led to the point of involving that dangerous man.

“That’s the funniest joke I’ve ever heard,” Murong Qingyan was unable to restrain her heartfelt laughter: “Master Murong, with that thick skin of yours I’m afraid if you claimed two, no one would dare say one.”

Hearing Murong Qingyan’s derision of him, Murong Xiong’s face flushed red from anger.

Murong Qingyan acted as she didn’t notice anything and continued: “If I told you about this from the start, wouldn’t you have cheated and robbed me out of everything I had?”

If she showed them pills from the beginning, most likely, no, certainly so, Murong Xiong would have robbed her of them. Actually, if it wasn’t for Huangfu Jue’s appearance, she wouldn’t have chosen this method to deal with this situation. She didn’t know why, although she and Huangfu Jue met only a couple of times and exchanged no more than twenty words with each other, her intuition told her that he wouldn’t hurt her.

When she was done with her jeering, Murong Xiong was ready to explode from anger. Complexions of other elders also weren’t good. Although they wanted to open their mouths to deny her claim, however, there was indeed a great chance that it would have happened the way she described.

Finally, Murong Rui got the key idea of her explanation. Abruptly he raised his head and looked at Murong Qingyan: “Just now you said something about your master. What did you mean?”

“My meaning is very simple, ah!” A demonic, self-confident smile graced Murong Qingyan’s lips: “The Great elder might not have not it, but I’m a pill-refiner myself, ah! As for my master, naturally, he is one who taught me.”

In her heart, Murong Qingyan thought, she actually had two masters. One was her grandfather from her previous life, who taught her art of healing, and the other one was the owner of the Qian Kun bracelet. If it wasn’t for “Medical Classics” that the latter kept, she wouldn’t have been able to learn the techniques to refine and concoct pills.

“What?! You’re a pill refiner?”

This remark of hers, just like a bomb swept through the people present, turning them stupid from revelation. Who could imagine that Murong Qingyan, the one who was most undervalued and derided in the family, unexpectedly became a disciple of a Pill Master.”

At this time, in the hearts of elders began to sprout a vague feeling of regret. If Murong Qingyan was merely strong, then they wouldn’t have scruples in killing her to avoid future troubles. However, if they knew she actually was a pill refiner, they would have been willing to win her over.”

It had to be known that a presence of a pharmacist and a pill refiner was of utmost importance to the family. Moreover, with the fact that she was so blase about fifth-grade pills, one could imagine just how formidable the master backing her must be. If they could rope in this expert, it would have been even better.

Quite on the contrary, Murong Xiong didn’t regret it, even if he knew that Murong Qingyan was a pill refiner, it would not have changed his heart’s desire to kill her, regardless of the powerful master behind her.

Murong Qingyan didn’t know what was going on in their heads, nor did she want to. Her next move, though, rendered everyone shell-shocked.

They watched with wide eyes as a burning hot flame raised from the hand that was holding Rejuvenation pills. And it was not just any flame, but an Earth Core Divine Flame.


Agnie’s corner:

4th September part.

… We are almost done with this disgusting family. For some time, at least.

I feel that I have used more conditional clauses while translating IWM than in my whole life. Actually, so many of them that I feel quite fed up with them. Grawr. I can only imagine how it feels for readers, sigh.

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  • iRead4Fun

    That’s right, Qingyan. Burn that shameless household to the ground. 🔥🔥🔥😈

    So Huangfu Jue is just standing there dotingly watching his waifu (who doesn’t know yet) wreak havoc to the Murong clan? Sweet. 😂🤣

    Thanks for the chapter, Agnie! 😁

  • A random fish in the sea

    She’s burning the pills? Is she trying to say: “Just these pills don’t have any value in my eyes! Hurhurhur~” ?
    That aside, what is it with this Murong Xiong? The girl before him is clearly everything their Family would need, with her they could easily elevate their Family’s position up to the top in the true meaning and not just in name. That’s just her, alone, but she also has some rather powerful connections as well.
    But the old bastard STILL doesn’t put any value in her and doesn’t regret pushing her away and making her an enemy? And he’s still worried about their Family declining?

    Man~ this Murong Xiong is so self-centered that he most likely won’t feel even a twinge of remorse if he got their Murong Family blacklisted from every alchemy store, armament store, pharmacy and auction house in the world while making an enemy out of every single Sect, Clan, Empire and other forces world wide…


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