Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch98.8

Clearly, Murong Xiong didn’t fare as well as would have been expected, even though he had an upper hand. The might of the Earth Core flame that ranked first among all Divine Flames was obviously nothing to scoff at. Murong Xiong’s body was covered in many burns and his clothes had many burned marks.

By now Murong Xiong’s demeanor of Family head could no longer be seen anywhere, his whole person cut a sorry figure.

Those who were watching the battle from the side, couldn’t help but feel startled upon seeing this situation. Even in their wildest dreams could they imagine that Murong Qingyan could fight against Family head and hold her own for so long. Their difference in strength was so disparate, and even so, Murong Qingyan had yet to fall behind. Such fighting ability was truly admirable.

If Murong Qingyan could be used by the Family, she would definitely become its sharp weapon.

Regardless of what they thought in their hearts, they knew it was merely their wishful thinking. Due to what had happened today, Murong family and Murong Qingyan had completely torn off their masks¹.

That’s why, all that they could do now was not to think of how to win Murong Qingyan over, but how to remove her completely. Today, no matter what, they couldn’t let Murong Qingyan leave this place alive, otherwise endless troubles would await them in the future.

Murong Xiong gathered his xuanli above his right palm, fully exhausting his reserves, and slammed it towards Murong Qingyan’s chest.

Murong Qingyan wanted to avoid this brutal attack this time as well, yet, she was just a moment too late.

This strike viciously landed on her and sent her flying like a wingless bird, she hit the fence and slid to the ground. After falling down, she couldn’t restrain herself anymore and vomited blood unstoppably, her face devoid of any color. From this alone, it could be seen that she had reached her limit.

In the meantime, Murong Xiong had also almost crouched on the ground, however, he moved towards Murong Qingyan, his expression and posture full of arrogance and complacency: “Murong Qingyan, even though you had the Divine Flame help you, you were still defeated by me in the end. Stealing the family treasure, rebelling against the head of the family… Even if I kill you under these charges, no one would dare say anything against it.”

Even defeated, Murong Qingyan didn’t lose her fighting spirit, her eyes burned with stubborn light: “Murong Xiong, what do you have to be so proud of? I’m only at the harmonization period, while you yourself are at the Golden Core. What’s so great about being able to defeat me? As a Family head you’ve bullied me, a younger generation, are you not ashamed of yourself?”

“Murong Qingyan, don’t spread rumors and mislead people!” Murong Xiong sneered, looking at Murong Qingyan lying on the ground: “If I knew that such thing would happen today, I’d have choked you to death when you were born to avoid all these troubles.”

As he spoke to this point, he became agitated: “If it weren’t for you, Xizhao wouldn’t have lost his life so young. You are a pest who harms those around you²!”

“I’m not,” hearing Murong Xiong mentioning her father, Murong Qingyan raised her head in defiance, eyes flashed with fierce light: “And my parents are both alive, they are merely missing.”

Murong Qingyan couldn’t help it. Those words of Murong Xiong kicked a hornet’s nest deep in her heart. So long as Murong Xizhao and Chen Ruoshui were mentioned, her emotions would be stirred up, She didn’t know, whom these emotions belonged, herself or the original Murong Qingyan, but what she knew was that her heart at those times was anything but tranquil.

In her heart, Murong Xizhao and Chen Ruo Shui were good parents, they were the family she longed so much for. Moreover, she also felt that they were both still in this world and they would definitely meet each other one day again.

“You’re deluding yourself,” Murong Xiong stared at Murong Qingyan for a while, his eyes suffused with an ice-cold layer: “They are dead. They were killed by you.”

“They are still in this world,” Murong Qingyan persisted in her belief.

“I’ll send you off to meet them.”


  1. 撕破脸 (sī pò liǎn) -lit. to tear off faces/masks – to shed all pretense of cordiality, to tear into each other, to have a disastrous falling-out
  2. 害人精 (hài rén jīng) – lit. a goblin that kills or harms people.


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