Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch98.9

Murong Xiong approached Murong Qingyan step by step, soon he arrived in front of her and raised his hand, intending to deal the final blow.

But suddenly, right at this moment, something unexpected happened. An intense power force erupted from within Murong Qingyan’s body, however this power not coming from the absorbed in the surrounding lingli¹, but it directly exploded from within Murong Qingyan.

Murong Xiong didn’t even have time to observe it as he was pushed away by this powerful force and forced to retreat several steps.

Witnessing this, those spectators felt like they turned silly.

“Heavens! Has she broken through?”

With this sudden exclamation, everyone’s eyes firmly focused on Murong Qingyan’s body. When Murong Qingyan was already like an arrow at the of its flight², yet, at this time her cultivation started to rise unstoppably.

Early stage of Heart demons period, mid-stage, late stage…

Until, ultimately, it came to a halt at the late stage of Golden Core period. None knew why this happened. Murong Qingyan’s advancement was extremely strange. Usually, when an average cultivator made a breakthrough, he advanced only a step ahead, it was impossible to advance several steps in one go out of the blue. From what they could see, they deduced that Murong Qingyan was originally at the peak of the late stage Golden Core period, however, she suppressed her own cultivation for some reason, yet now it was completely released.

Murong Qingyan’s eyes fluttered open and she glared at the people standing there, her eyes turning red from hatred. She flew up in the mid-air and bitterly spit out word for word with hatred: “Murong family is actually like this and nothing more³.”

“Starting today I, Murong Qingyan, am no longer a person of Murong family. From now on, whether I live or die, has nothing to do with Murong family. Similarly, Murong family success or failure, rise or decline is of no relation to me, Murong Qingyan. Today, I severe all the relations and ties with Murong family.”

Her loud and clear voice covered almost the whole capital.

Complexions of Murong Xiong and several elders turned particularly ugly.

“Everyone, come, get her together!” Murong Xiong opened his mouth to order them: “No matter what, today we have to kill Murong Qingyan here! We absolutely can’t allow her to take even one step out of here.”

Murong Xiong could already imagine what outsiders would say about his Murong family. He absolutely couldn’t let the main cause for this disaster get away with it.

Upon Murong Xiong’s order, all that were merely observing, joined the fight.

All of them simultaneously launched attacks at Murong Qingyan. Moreover, none of them showed mercy and attacked her without pulling any stops. Just like Family head said, they couldn’t allow her to get out of the Murong family.

Murong Qingyan fought back without holding back. She didn’t care that she had to resort to deaking the enemy a 1000 damage, while she herself had to receive 800. She didn’t have a mind of dodging those attacks, she just kept attacking them unceasingly.

She didn’t know what in the end happened to her. She merely felt that from deep within her battle lust surged forth. Just when she was about to hide in her space, Murong Xiong spoke about her parents.

At that time she only felt that she couldn’t calm down her heart which led her to instantly break through the restricting suppression and the force contained within her body completely exploded forth. And now, in her mind replayed a sole thought: fight.

However, even though Murong Qingyan was brimming with strength and fighting spirit, it was difficult to counter four fists with her own two.

Murong Rui, Murong Xin, Murong Li, these three elders shared a look and went all-out in their attacks. At last, they managed to land a decisive blow on Murong Qingyan, that sent her flying.

Murong Qingyan felt as if all the strength left her body, she couldn’t even summon a speck of it to enter her space.

Through a dim haze, she felt that she was caught and surrounded in a warm embrace.


  1. Reminder (it’s been a loooong time ago): lingli – are those particles of energy that exist in the nature, xuanli – is what lingli becomes after its absorbed and assimilated by a cultivator as his own power;
  2. 强弩之末 (qiáng nǔ zhī mò)- lit. an arrow at the end of its flight – exhausted, spent (in terms of strength);
  3. If you missed her undertone (which I think I didn’t manage to pass along that well), she means that they are that pathetic a) in moral conduct and b) in strength.


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