Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch99.5

“Murong Qingxue, do you want me to help you walk out personally?” Murong Qingyan sneered, staring at the corner where Murong Qingxue hid, her expression grew colder by a second: “If you insist on my help, I cannot promise you that you will have both of your legs intact afterward.”

The people present there were shocked upon hearing her words. Nonetheless, they soon discovered that indeed, Murong Qingxue was hiding there. Murong Qingxue’s cultivation wasn’t high, so anyone would have been able to notice her if they didn’t put all their attention on Murong Qingyan. Yet, it happened so that Murong Qingxue’s appearance was neglected due to the intense situation before.

Now that Murong Qingyan mentioned it, they obviously noticed Murong Qingxue. However, they were startled by Murong Qingxue’s, so they missed the implication in Murong Qingyan’s words.

The only person who had clearly understood Murong Qingyan’s meaning was Murong Xiyi. When he heard Murong Qingxue’s name, his heart welled up with an indistinct premonition.

Murong Qingxue understood that she could no longer escape, so she had to come out.

“Xue-er, how come you’re here?” Murong Rui frowned upon seeing her: “This late, why didn’t you stay in your courtyard to cultivate? What did you rush here for?”

“I… I…” Murong Qingxue stammered, trying to think of excuses, however, no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t come up with a reasonable explanation.

“Ha-ha, why else would she come here if not to see me being punished?” Murong Qingyan raised her mouth in a sneer: “Moreover, she wanted to see me forced to be a scapegoat for her and bear the crime. Wouldn’t she be free of worries then?”


Murong Qingyan’s remarks once again shocked them. The meaning of those words, they all understood. Although they put charges for stealing Rejuvenation pill on Murong Qingyan’s body, whether it was true, only they knew.

But now Murong Qingyan claimed that the one who stole the pill was Murong Qingxue. Was this possible?

“Murong Qingyan, what nonsense are you talking about?” Murong Qingxue turned pale with fright and immediately refuted her: “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Don’t try to shift the blame for the stolen pill on my body.”

“What’s the truth, you know yourself the best,” Murong Qingyan laughed coldly: “If it weren’t for this Rejuvenation pill, how else would your cultivation be restored?”

“It’s true that I was injured by you, but my wound is better already,” Murong Qingxue parried her calmly: “The family doctors can testify. Murong Qingyan, if you want to frame me, find a better excuse.”

Watching Murong Qingyan and Murong Qingxue’s verbal exchange, onlookers didn’t know whom to believe.

Murong Rui and others, just because of few Murong Qingyan’s words, were unlikely to believe that Murong Qingxue was the culprit.

Furthermore, in their hearts they were clear, whether it was Murong Qingyan who stole the pill or not, with today’s events, Murong Qingyan and Murong family had an irreversible fallout. Even though they wanted to completely remove Murong Qingyan, they knew, now it was an impossible endeavor. As long as that man was there, they couldn’t hurt a hair on her.

Now, what they were worried the most was whether Murong Qingyan would completely destroy the Murong family today. With that man here, they didn’t have the slightest doubt that she was capable of it.


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  • A random fish in the sea

    I’m surprised they still don’t regret anything they did thus far…
    They threw a perfectly good talent like her away just because they didn’t treat her well from the start; they directly accused her of a crime without even investigating the situation properly and now that the truth is coming out, just because they had already accused her, they refuse to believe the truth; they tried to murder and rob her only to notice that these actions of theirs ended up offending someone they really shouldn’t have…
    She clearly has connections to people VERY powerful and the odds are that they could’ve obtained an extremely strong ally, but they themselves ruined this with their own actions and they now have a REALLY good chance of not surviving until morning and like I said, if they die, it’s ENTIRELY their own fault.
    So, just because of their greed, they lost a great talent, a divine flame, whatever treasure there was from the competition, their reputation for ruining all relations with the one who won them the tournament and they even got themselves a very powerful enemy. Despite all this, they STILL treat it as if they were the ones in the right, heck they’re STILL thinking of killing and robbing her, if the mysterious expert behind her leaves in the next moment?… What the hell, man, how thick-skinned are they?!


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