Into the World of Medicine

IWM Glossary

~ ~ Geography ~ ~

Continent: Shen Hong

Countries: Ga Luo (where the first volume of the novel takes place), Shen Li, Li Ke, ???

~ ~ Political structure of Ga Luo ~ ~

Imperial Family

Four Great Families: Murong, Nangong, Qiuyuan, Bei

other big families

Murong family

Murong Xiong – Master of the Murong family, Murong Qingyan & Murong Qingxue’s grandfather

Murong Xizhao – Murong Qingyan’s and Murong Qingxue’s father, the most talented youth of the previous generation(MIA)

Murong Qingyan – eldest daughter of Murong Xizhao’s official wife (di-daughter)

Murong Qingxue – a concubine-born daughter of Murong Xizhao

Liu Mei – Murong Xizhao’s concubine, Murong Qingxue’s mother

Murong Rui – Grand elder of the family

Murong Li – second elder

Murong Xin – third elder

Nangong family

Nangong Ting – Master of the Nangong family, Nangong Ye’s father

Nangong Ye – a genius of the current generation, Murong Qingyan’s fiance, later became fiance of Murong Qingxue

Nangong Shanshan – Nangong Ye’s younger sister, Murong Qingxue’s friend

Qiuyuan family

Qiuyuan Lishang – Master of Qiuyuan family, Qiuyuan Yi’s father

Qiuyuan Yi – a would-be genius of the current generation, if not for the suppression of the strange flame in his body

Bei family

Bei Yuan – Master of Bei family

~ ~ Cultivation ~ ~

Each cultivation period is divided into early, middle, late stages and its peak.

Cultivation periods are as follows:

Qi Condensation (炼气期, liànqì qī)

Foundation Establishment (筑基期, zhùjī qī)

Opening period   (or Enlightenment; 开光, kāiguāng qí)

Harmonization period (or Fusion; , rónghé qī) 

Heart Tempering period (心动期, xīndòng qī)

Golden Core period (金丹, jīndāqī) 

Nascent Soul period (元期, yuányīng qī)


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