Into the World of Medicine

Into the World of Medicine


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Into the World of Medicine

NU description: Rong Qingyan, is a 21st-century heiress of a medicinal family, proficient in medical knowledge. But in the end, she dies in the hands of her relatives.

Murong Qingyan is Sheng Hong Continent’s Murong family’s legitimate miss. But even though she is a legitimate daughter, she is the Murong family’s shame because her appearance is ugly and her meridians are blocked, making her a trash that cannot cultivate.

After Rong Qingyan transmigrated, she became her.

When she reopened her eyes, the originally unable to cultivate trash left everyone shocked. Flipping over clouds, going against the heavens and changing fate, letting those that originally looked down on her regret it deeply.

Contracting magical beasts, concocting immortal pills. Meeting gods, killing gods; meeting Buddhas, killing Buddhas; swearing to let all those that looked down on her view her in a new light.

When the trash turned into a universally shocking prodigy, when the ugly appearance was shed off, she was no longer the original her. In the whole course of events, whose heart did she actually not steal?

Her ex-fiancé regretted it deeply to no avail. The family that looked down on her is now immensely remorseful, yet they can’t change anything anymore.

When she was at the peak of the world, he always stood by her side protecting and guarding her, allowing her to freely soar in the sky.

He said: “In my life, I have need of nothing else. I only wish to love you forever.”

She said: ”If it is what you desire.”



About the novel: “Into the World of Medicine” (穿越之医倾天下 ) is an old title of a 478 chapter long, completed xuanhuan novel “Divine Doctor Noble Lady: Evil Emperor, stop pestering me” (神医贵女:邪皇, 勾勾缠) written by Xia Ri Fenmo with elements of martial arts, action, transmigration and revenge, and of course… romance.


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Volume I: Arrival in Galuo

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      Hey, Sakura! (Yes, I quite like your avatar, so it’s impossible to miss xd) Thank you for letting out the word the novel is up for grabs =^.^= Readers should know their heroes ^.~

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    Just an advice, why don’t you use “” format for your chapter, it’ll be easy to navigate, and you could also build Prev/Next Chapter button.

    • Agnie

      Hey! Thank you for feedback! I think the first part was dealt with (your suggestion was in accordance with my wish, but the nub that I am, had to go through more trouble just fix some things, sigh. As for prev/next buttons… that’s my sore spot, hehe. Hopefully, my dear readers will get used to those that we have now, sighs again.

  • JetonS

    Any chance you’d translate this novel from the beginning ? The previous translation is horrible. I tried reading some chapters but couldn’t keep going. Hopefully you notice my comment, as his Novel looks really promising

    • Agnie

      Hi, Jetons! The previous translation do have some probs with grammar as translator mentioned it herself, and I did consider starting from scratch, but 1. it’s a bit too time consuming -> 2. that would totally slow down new releases; and 3. if I actually do re-translate, I’m afraid it won’t make much difference apart from fixing some grammar, because the novel is written in an extraordinary straightforward manner. That’s why I doubt I’d undertake this torture in the near future, if at all. Sowwy >_<


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