Major General Spoils his Soul-guiding Wife

MGSSGW, ch.2.1

~ Chapter 2, part 1 Awkward situation 

“A Sentinel? A Guide?” Qin Zhaoyue, no, from now on she was Xi Zhaoyue. Anyway, she knitted her brows as she watched the 16 years long memories of the original owner of the body. Then these two words caught her attention

Her comprehension of souls as a soul cultivator far surpassed that of common people, however, she had no idea whether that psychic force was the same as the Divine Sense in cultivators world. If so, it could save her a lot of trouble.

As for her supposed Sentinel partner, from the way he dealt with people who killed the original owner, he didn’t seem to be a complete slag. If he suffered a Mental sea riot, she would give face to this body’s rightful owner and help him sort out his Mental sea for her sake. If nothing else, she could at least make sure he wouldn’t become an idiot.

Anyway, it seemed as if people here weren’t really satisfied with her being his partner. In this regard, Xi Zhaoyue didn’t feel distressed, on the contrary, she was quite happy! A hundreds-year-old virgin suddenly getting a partner, just a thought of it terrified her!

Xi Zhaoyue made a quick analysis of her situation and decided to bide her time¹ for the time being, she had to wait until she could gain a foothold for herself in this world, restore her cultivation and strength to protect herself. Now, about her cultivation…

Zi Xhaoyue’s pupils became gloomy. The condition of this body was quite awful, the veins and meridians were fragile and blocked, absolutely unsuitable for cultivation. Of course, it was impossible only when it came to the traditional cultivation and not her soul cultivation!

Soul cultivation had minimum requirements for the body of the prospective cultivator, but extremely harsh requirements for the Divine Sense of the cultivator. Now that she dwelled in this body and her knowledge from her previous life in cultivation world passed through along with her soul… Even though when she exploded her soul, her Divine Sense sustained heavy losses and now the remnants of Divine Sense that she had left as a result could barely measure up to 1% of what she had at her peak, it was enough to take first steps in the Soul cultivation once more.

Xi Zhaoyue stayed in the treatment cabin for the whole day and night and only the next day people remembered to let her out.

“Madame², Major General let this servant lead You home,” the servant bowed his head low, but was sizing up Xi Zhaoyue from the corner of his eyes: she was ordinary, her figure was also ordinary, her psychic force was low, except for the good compatibility with Major General, she didn’t have any good points.

Xi Zhaoyue nodded, she didn’t care for the opinion of this seemingly respectful servant with a superficial heart.

Seeing Xi Zhaoyue’s ‘timid’ manner, the feeling of disdain in the servant’s eyes grew stronger.

When she walked out from the hospital’s doors, she was startled by the outside world. Even though she had seen from the original owner’s memories flying cars, bustling streets and the vast mishmash of people… taking in this monstrous and multicolored world with her own eyes still made her feel shocked.

A happy smile played on her lips as she watched this fascinating new world with amazement. She was looking forward to living here!

In the Empire, Liu family was considered to be one of the most prominent families, ranking one above many, it had numerous branch families, even direct descendants counted over a hundred people. These direct descendants usually grew up the Liu Estate, however, after reaching adulthood they moved out, just like Qia Moqi.

The place where Qia Moqi lived now was a three-storey villa. At first glance there was nothing special about this place, as for the actual situation, Xi Zhaoyue, a stranger to this world, couldn’t tell.

The servant led Xi Zhaoyue to the villa, helped her set up the authority to freely enter and exit it, and left after telling her some common things she had to pay attention to.

Only later did Xi Zhaoyue find out that the servant who left belonged to the Liu family. There were no servants or housekeepers in Qia Moqi’s villa, there was only a robot that managed all the matters pertaining to it.

When the square mouth of the robot spoke out in human speech, Xi Zhaoyue was startled enough to stare blankly at it. Once she recovered, she used her remains of the Divine Sense to scan the robot from the inside-out. The pure joy she felt didn’t reveal itself on her ever serene face, however, in her heart she couldn’t help but mutter: “This thing called ‘robot’ doesn’t have an energy of spirit core per se, but there’s that so-called ‘energy board’ that provides the robot with sufficient energy to fulfill tasks. What is the principle of this energy board? Can I refine a puppet that doesn’t need a spirit core using this ‘energy board’?”


  1. 按兵不动 lit. to hold one’s troops without moving
  2. 夫人 – furen – lady, Mrs, Madame. I’m undecided whether to use ‘furen’ or ‘madame’ atm, since it’s not, technically speaking, Chinese environment, but a fusion of Chinese & Western cultures, but furen would have saved me a lot of headaches, so, as I said, undecided.


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