Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch69

Chapter 69: Won

The look on Wu Da’s face expressed his utter disbelief.

Murong Xiong looked at the arena in shock, he couldn’t believe his eyes either, besides, it seemed like he lost his ability to speak at this time.

Other family heads and even some of the royals in the audience inspected the person on the ring in surprise as well.

Nangong Ye who was absent-minded before suddenly sat up straight in his seat with a profound flicker in his eyes.

Murong Qingxue couldn’t accept what she had seen to be real, her hand clenched into a fist, her fine, sharp nails pierced the white delicate skin drawing blood, but she could feel nothing of it: her eyes stared fixedly at the ring.

On the stands, a dead silence descended. One could hear a needle dropping on the ground as all the heated discussions vanished in a thin air at once.

On the ring, Wu Da’s punch was stopped short of Murong Qingyan.

Murong Qingyan’s thin, emaciated hand firmly held Wu Da’s fist, blocking his all-out strike. Her face didn’t reveal any painful expression, instead, it was particularly relaxed, as if she wasn’t containing the full force attack of a strong man rather that of a small child.

Her body thin and the whole person seemed like she would fall down any moment, but to Wu Da it felt like he hit an iron wall, even using his full strength he was unable to move an inch forward.

“If that’s the level of your abilities, you won’t be able to stand your ground on this ring,” a corner of Murong Qingyan’s mouth raised in a sarcastic smirk. “This matter should teach you that no matter what you should never underestimate your opponent.”

Wu Da feeling a slight pain, a sense of foreboding flashed through his heart.

He had yet to register the situation when he felt a strong force locking onto his arm and his body being pulled forward, suddenly his body felt alight, and then everything in his line of sight was upside down.


Wu Da’s body was dragged and flung by Murong Qingyan. Though having been thrown with ease, his body fiercely crashed behind her!

Due to his big build coupled with Murong Qingyan adding her strength to fling him in passing, the force of the impact was enormous, and the sound of him crashing to the ring was epic, the entire arena shook and a tremor passed through it.

However, it wasn’t the end of the show yet. Wu Da severely smashed into the ground, but unexpectedly didn’t stay there. Due to a strong impact, he continued to skid awkwardly to the edge of the arena, his heavy body leaving a long white mark on the arena. Right after which, like a cannon, he dropped out of the ring on the ground below!

When everyone in the audience came to their senses, Wu Da was already cleanly flung out of the ring. His full confidence that he originally displayed was nowhere to be found at the moment.

Seeing such an outcome, the stands almost exploded with fervor.

“Heavens! My eyes didn’t have a problem! Wu Da has unexpectedly lost, lost to Murong Qingyan, this waste!”

“In the end, what’s going on? What has happened to Wu Da, how did he lose?”

“Murong Qingyan actually defeated Wu Da! The sun has actually risen from the west!¹”


  1. 天要下红雨的先兆 – literally: a harbinger of red rain – an idiom with a derogatory, mocking undertone. Closest English version I could think of is the sun rising from the west.



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