Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch.100.7

“Forget about it, even if that man is incredibly powerful and even deigned to save Murong Qingyan, it’s impossible for anything to happen between them,” Liu Mei shook her head and a touch of ridicule emerged on her lips: “With Murong Qingyan’s appearance, it’s difficult to obtain a favor of any man. Although we don’t know what’s their relationship, there’s no need to worry about it.”

Murong Qingxue nodded and didn’t bring it up again.

However, after this, neither Liu Mei nor Murong Qingxue could find peace for their restless minds. Although both claimed with their mouths that they were no worried, in truth, they were sick with an anxiousness that everything would get revealed.

With this kind of apprehensive frames of mind, the two of them spent three days.

Three days was plenty enough time for Murong family to handle the previous matter. Although the mess wasn’t completely dealt with, a majority of things was already back on track.

On the morning of the third day, several servants arrived at Ruxue courtyard and relayed the family head’s summons.

Hearing that the family head invited her, Murong Qingxue’s whole body froze. Liu Mei hurried to usher them out, promising that Murong Qingxue would get ready and go there as soon as possible.

Once the servants left, Liu Mei instantly took a hold of Murong Qingxue’s hand and opened her mouth to coax her: “Xue-er, you should get a grip of yourself at once. Later, no matter what the family head says, you just have to remember, that the matter with Rejuvenation pill and you have nothing to do with each other.”

Hearing Liu Mei’s reminder, Murong Qingxue urged herself to calm down. She took a deep breath and nodded: “Yes, I got it. I won’t reveal any flaw.”

Noticing the change in Murong Qingxue, Liu Mei felt relieved: “Since you understand, I won’t say any more. Go, you should hurry along now. Otherwise, it will only bring an unnecessary suspicion upon us.”

After Murong Qingxue sorted out her emotions, she lifted her foot and stepped out of the room, walking in the direction of the hall.

Looking at her daughter’s back, Liu Mei prayed countless times in her heart that nothing would go wrong.

Soon, Murong Qingxue reached the hall.

Everything looked the same as a couple of days ago. Murong Xiong sat above at the seat of honor, three elders sat slightly below. What was different this time was that Murong Xiyi and Murong Xili weren’t present.

Although Murong Xiong recuperated for the past three days, the greyish hue of defeat on his face couldn’t be concealed. After all, he lost a lot of blood essence. It was evident, that the wound re received this time was heavy. The three elders didn’t sustain a lot of injuries at the debacle, however, their complexions were similarly just as bad.

Albeit Murong Qingxue was mentally prepared, when she saw this line-up she still couldn’t help but flinch. However, she still stubbornly preserved and calmly, steadily walked in.

Upon entering the hall she performed the greeting ceremony towards the head of the family and the elders: “Qingxue greets the family head and three elders.”

“Xue-er, do you know why we have called for you today?” Murong Rui was the first one to speak.

Sitting on the seat of honor, Murong Xiong didn’t have any superfluous expressions, making people unable to guess what he was thinking in his heart.

“Xue-er is dull-witted,” Murong Qingxue expressed a doubt on her face: “Asking Grand Elder to let me know.”

Hearing Murong Qingxue’s reply, several elders revealed traces of disapproval. They didn’t believe that Murong Qingxue didn’t understand that on that day Murong Qingyan accused her of stealing the Rejuvenation pill.

“Xue-er, things have already come to this point, do you think you still need to conceal the truth?” Murong Li looked coldly at her and asked her straightforwardly: “I ask you now, was the Rejuvenation pill stolen by you?”


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