Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch.100.8

“Second elder, you accuse me unjustly, ah!” Hearing such a serious accusation, Murong Qingxue looked as if she was suffering from injustice: “Even if Xue-er had ten-times more courage, she wouldn’t dare to do such a thing! Stealing from the family treasury is a grave offense, Xue-er absolutely doesn’t have so much courage!”

Seeing Murong Qingxue’s pitiful appearance, three elders looked at each other, unsure what to believe.

After all, they didn’t have any evidence that Murong Qingxue was the one who stole it. The reason why they called for Murong Qingxue today was due to Murong Qingyan’s earlier claim.

Following the recent events, they were sure that the person who stole the pill wasn’t Murong Qingyan, however, whether it was Murong Qingxue, it was unknown.

“Xue-er, then let me ask you, that day, why did you show up here?” Murong Rui sharply looked at Murong Qingyan and his keen eyes seemed to be able to see through person’s motives: “Speak the truth, don’t try to deceive us.”

To face Murong Rui’s penetrating gaze Murong Qingxue used up all her strength, trying to not to tumble under his discerning eyes: “Replying to Grand elder, that day Xue-er heard that jiejie1 had an accident. Grand elder knows what happened between jiejie and me, so I…”

Although Murong Qingxue didn’t continue her explanation, everyone present was perfectly clear what she was trying to express. She came over to watch the fun and throw stones at the person who was already down.

Hearing this, Murong Rui and other elders found it believable. If Murong Qingxue said that she came here because she was worried about Murong Qingyan, they definitely wouldn’t believe it. But when she said that she came to hit the person who was already down, they actually didn’t suspect a thing.

Murong Xin continued interrogation: “If you have nothing to with the theft of Rejuvenation pill, why would Murong Qingyan claim that it was done by you?”

“Elders must be aware that although jiejie and I are blood-related sisters, our relationship is not that good,” Murong Qingxue opened her mouth to explain: “We didn’t get along on daily basis, so jiejie must have held a grudge against me and wanted to charge me with a false crime.”

“That…” Murong Rui wanted to proceed with the questions, however, Murong Xiong interrupted him.

“That’s fine. No need to question anymore. This matter will end here,” Murong Xiong spoke up. Although his voice didn’t have the former vigor and resonance, it still carried the imposing aura of the family head: “The Rejuvenation pill was stolen by Murong Qingyan. Pass on the news that Murong Qingyan stole a treasured pill, and starting from today she is expelled from Murong family. From now on, her life and death have nothing to with our Murong family.”

“Family head!” Shocked, Murong Rui stood up, looking at Murong Xiong. Evidently, it didn’t cross his mind that Murong Xiong would make such a decision.

“This matter I have ruled myself. Just do what I said,” Murong Xiong was adamant about his decision.

Hearing this development, Murong Qingxue’s heart burst with excitement. Originally, she thought it would have already been good if she managed to clear herself of suspicions. It was out of her expectations that it would turn out this way and the family head would put the blame on Murong Qingyan’s body straight away.

This kind of unexpected windfall made her feel like jumping from joy, however, she retained her senses enough to remember where she was. If it was any other occasion, she would just laugh out loud to her heart’s content.

As for Murong Rui, he didn’t agree with family head’s decision.


  1. Jiejie – elder sister, a way to address a biological sister or a somewhat older female with whom the person has a good/ familiar relationship.


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