Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch.100.9

Murong Xiong didn’t pay any mind to Murong Rui. He turned to speak to Murong Qingxue: “Xue-er, you should get ready, soon you’ll directly go to the Four Elements Academy.”

“What?” Hearing Murong Xiong’s order, Murong Qingxue thought she had a problem with her ears.

“I said, make good preparation. When the time comes, you’ll go to the Four Elements Academy to study,” although Murong Xiong was dissatisfied with Murong Qingxue’s lapse in manners, he still repeated himself: “Murong Qingyan was expelled from the family, so you’re going to the Academy in her stead!”

This sudden double windfall almost made Murong Qingxue faint from joy. She never imagined that one day she would come across such a golden opportunity, yet, she had a sense to clarify: “Grandfather, the one who obtained this spot was jiejie. Can I really go there in her stead?”

“I let you go, so, of course, you’ll go,” as Murong Xiong spoke a cold glint flashed across his eyes: “Murong Qingyan is overbearing, unbridled, with ruthless conduct, therefore, she absolutely doesn’t have qualifications to enter the Four Elements Academy. You’ll go in her place.”

Murong Qingxue replied, trying to suppress her glee: “Xue-er understands.”

“Very well. Xue-er, Nangong Ye will also go to the Four Elements Academy, so you have a chance to take care of each other,” Murong Xiong looked at Murong Qingxue, his eyes deep and profound: “But you have to keep in mind, you are a person of Murong family and no matter how far you reach in the future, you have to remember that this perfect opportunity was given to you by the family.”

“Xue-er remembers,” Murong Qingxue bent her body and said in a solemn manner: “No matter what achievements Xue-er will make in the future, she’s a person the family cultivated. Xue-er will definitely do her best to make the family even more formidable.”

Murong Xiong was quite pleased with Murong Qingxue’s acquiescence, so he nodded: “It’s great that you think so. This way I haven’t made this decision in vain. Now, go and pack up. Before your departure for the Academy, go cultivate in the restricted area for some time. See if you can make a breakthrough until you have to leave.”

Only a family head of Murong family had a right to who will have a chance to cultivate in the restricted area of the family. Cultivating in the restricted area was more rewarding than cultivating at any other grounds of the Murong family because this restricted area was abundantly rich in dense spiritual energy, so cultivating there was at least several times faster than outside.

Clearly, Murong Xiong extremely valued Murong Qingxue.

With such a good opportunity presented to her, Murong Qingxue tried to tone down her excitement, however, a smile still tugged at the corners of her lips: “Xue-er will follow your orders. I will certainly practice well and won’t disappoint family head’s trust and expectations.”

“En,” Murong Xiong waved his hand off: “You can go now.”

“Xue-er asks to withdraw.”

After bowing to them and taking several steps back, Murong Qingxue turned around and left the hall. Going back was unlike coming here. When she left, there was a lively bounce in her footsteps and a smile bloomed on her face.


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22nd September part.

Well, it’s not half-sized as I feared, but almost ¾. Oh well.

Shorter chapters ahead (ard 5 parts per chapter), yay.

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  • Zarlaks Vagabond

    idk she should be assassin in past life but why she didnt kill all that stupid called family in present???? potential treat

    • Agnie

      Nah, she was a doctor in her past life… her sense of filial piety towards her father spread to the whole family I suppose. Or/and she paid them like this for raising the original owner. Who knows, meh. But weeds should be taken out with roots, indisputable wisdom of cnovels

  • Gwen

    It’s been a while since I read the part about the tournament. But didn’t Murong Qingyan compete as an individual and not part of the Murong clan? The academy spots were given to the top 4 contestants. Not to their families. Will the academy really just let Murong Qingxue in just like that?? That old man might be the MOST shameless character in a C-novel I’ve ever seen.

  • sniffles

    The author wasted more than two chapters on trash characters. She could have just explained everything in one paragraph. It would have been better to have more on the FL and ML’s interaction.

  • littlemamam

    Sometimes I wonder about some people’s greed. She won the spot not them but just like all her items that grandfather thinks he just can wrap up everything in the world and take it away.


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