Into the World of Medicine

IWM ch63

Chapter 63: Summons from above

At this time, the happiest person in the entire competition area was no one else, but Nangong Ting, because the person standing on the ring was his dear son, the pride and joy of the whole Nangong family. Although it was only the second round, he was sure, the victory would belong to his, Nangong, family.

As long as Nangong family got the first place, no other clan would be able to match up to them in the entire Kingdom.

Unlike Nangong Ting, complexions of other family heads were not so good. Especially, the frosty expression of the Qiu family head was dripping iciness.

After watching Nangong Ye’s match, Murong Qingyan, sitting below, lightly creased her brows. While she was still deep into contemplation, a voice suddenly rang in her sea of consciousness.

“Master, this Nangong Ye really hides too deep!”

Within her consciousness, Murong Qingyan opted to start a conversation with Little White.

“Little White, you’ve seen it, too, right? This Nangong Ye conceals himself quite well indeed. Everyone thinks he’s just reached the middle stage of Opening Period¹, but who would have thought that he’s actually at the peak middle stage. No wonder, everyone says he’s a genius. At such a young age he’s already so good!”

Although Murong Qingyan spoke the words of praise, her tone was full of mockery.   

“Well, it’s still a middle stage, even though a peak of it. Master, you’re much stronger than him! Look, you’ve only trained for a month, but you’ve already reached a late stage of the Foundation Establishment!”

Murong Qingyan’s flashed with a glimmer of light as she looked at the ground, no longer speaking.

After Nangong Ye’s show, all the following matches gave off an insipid feeling of boredom to the crowd.

When the second round of competition ended, all the participants qualifying for the third were selected. Needless to say, Murong Qingxue was among the selected. Her strength in her age group was considered quite good.

The third round would be held the next day. After all, with so many participants it was impossible for the competition to be completed in one day.

As the competition for the day ended, Murong Qingyan naturally went to her small room. Compared to other participants, her condition was much better and her face didn’t hold even a trace of fatigue.

On the first day of the competition, apart from Nangong Ye, the most talked about person was Murong Qingyan. Being an actual waste, she surprisingly passed the first round. Even after so many people got eliminated, she unexpectedly passed through right into the third round. Such an outcome for many was hard to stomach.

However, everyone knew that she got where she was only due to her bulls* luck. So, they were looking forward to seeing, just what kind of an ugly act she would put up tomorrow.

Murong Qingyan didn’t know what those people thought, but even if she knew, she wouldn’t have cared one bit.

Just when she was ready to enter her space to continue her cultivation, someone came looking for her, saying that the head of the family had a matter to discuss with her.

Hearing those words, Murong Qingyan’s lips curled up into a sneer.

He who comes is surely ill-meaning, no-one well-meaning will come.²

To tell the truth, why Murong Xiong was looking for her, she knew quite well. Obviously, the matter of her participation in the Clan Assembly had enraged him.

But regarding this, she didn’t worry. Although at the moment she was not Murong Xiong’s match, he didn’t have means to prevent her from participating further.

Without wasting any time, Murong Qingyan quickly arrived at the study.



  1. In the original text of chapter 63 it is stated that Nangong Ye’s cultivation is at the mid-stage of Core Formation (心动, xīn dòng), but in later chapters author changed his cultivation level to the Opening Period (开光, kāi guāng), therefore, to avoid readers’ confusion I took liberty to make it consistent throughout the novel.
  2. He who comes is surely ill-meaning, no-one well-meaning will come – 来者不善, 善者不来 – a Chinese idiom with its quite literal translation. Its English version is “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts”. (The Troy? The Horse? Yes, that one)


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