Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch67

Chapter 67: Duel

On the second day of the tournament, everyone gathered at the square, as scheduled, early in the morning. Now, after yesterday’s elimination rounds, only 52 contestants were left to take part the third one, therefore this time there was no lucky draw.

Soon, participants went to the front to draw their lots, and Murong Qingyan was no exception.

People looked at Murong Qingyan with a poorly hidden anticipation of a good show on their faces. As long as a person saw yesterday’s competition, they would know how Murong Qingyan got herself into the third round.

In the first two competitions, it could be said that Murong Qingyan hadn’t fought in either of the matches. Since the years past, she was probably the luckiest participant! Relying only on her luck and entering the third round!

However, Murong Qingyan’s luck likely could only bring her so far. Contestants who had reached this round, their strength was naturally very formidable, otherwise, they wouldn’t have been able to best so many people.

Shortly after drawing the lottery, the matches began. Compared to the yesterday’s matches, today’s anticipation was greater.

This time of the year, the Four Great Families would take time to scout and pick the best talents outside of their clans for the further nurturing. No family would want to miss out on talented youths.

Those youths of humble origins also would fight tooth and nail not only to get to the top three positions but also to get noticed by those families and have a chance to enter them. Generally speaking, it was a too grueling of an endeavor to be a loose cultivator: one didn’t have neither backing nor resources. In order to improve in cultivation further, the surefire way was to enter one of the big families. But to achieve that was too difficult. The best chance loose cultivators had was this Clan Assembly.

Nangong Ye and Murong Qingxue’s matches, as expected, were even more splendid and exciting than their previous ones. Especially Nangong Ye’s. His level of skill spiked so high, that it made people exclaim in wonder, debating, one feared, Nangong family just might the one to claim the championship.

“Next match: Murong Qingyan against Wu Da.”

On the ring above, Murong Qingyan and Wu Da stood apart facing each other.

Wu Da looked rough, his constitution strong, brimming with muscle force, it made one feel a daunting pressure.

Compared to his imposing stature, Murong Qingyan seemed like she would collapse at the first blow. An emaciated figure, ugly face… The two of them made a sharp contrast.

Watching the people on the ring, spectators on the stands also started to discuss them.

“Is Murong family lacking people that much? Making even that waste participate in such a grand competition.”

“Looks like this Murong Qingyan has no chance to win. This Wu Da’s might isn’t shallow, especially his raw strength is quite fearsome, there’re only a few people who can withstand it.”

“Even if it wasn’t Wu Da, Murong Qingyan wouldn’t be able to win this one, she passed previous rounds only through sheer luck, and it looks like she’s used it all up. I don’t know if she will survive this round. It’s a ring after all.”

Regarding those discussions, Murong Qingyan showed no signs that heard them at all, she stood, as before, detached and upright, watching her opponent.

Nangong Ye looked at the ring and seeing Murong Qingyan there, scrunched his eyebrows, a trace of darkness flashing within his eyes. He didn’t know why, but he felt that today’s Murong Qingyan was very different, something seemed to have changed, but he couldn’t catch what.

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