Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch71

Chapter 71: Acquaintances

Perhaps, due to the unexpected excitement of Murong Qingyan’s match, or, perhaps, the following ones were just that unimpressive, people hardly showed any interest in them.

And thus, the third round came to an end.

In the wake of the first three rounds, only 26 contestants were qualified for the next one. Apart from Nangong Ye, Murong Qingxue and Murong Qingyan, amongst those eligible, of course, were other descendants of the Four Great Families.

In this group, Murong Qingyan also noticed an acquaintance of hers: purple-clad youth from that day in the restaurant. Judging by the clothes he wore, she knew he belonged to the Qiuyuan family, but who would have thought his status to be so prominent, ah!

That purple-clad young man was Qiuyuan Yi – one of three di sons of Qiuyuan Lishang. Although he wasn’t as good as Nangong Ye, he had actually already reached the early stage of Foundation Establishment, and soon was expected to break through to the mid-stage.

As Murong Qingyan saw it, this Qiuyuan Yi’s talent was much better than Nangong Ye’s. Probably it was so, because since birth Qiuyuan Yi had that unusual fire energy inside him, his ability to cultivate was innately much higher than Nangong Ye’s.

Qiuyaun Yi sat not far from Qiuyuan Lishang, so it could be inferred that his standing in the Qiuyuan family was not low.

In fact, it was indeed the case. From the very beginning, Qiuyuan Lishang thought highly of this son of his. Even though Qiuyuan Yi’s body suffered from a persistent illness, it didn’t affect opinion Qiuyuan Lishang had of him. It wasn’t only due to Qiuyuan Li’s innate talent, but also his wits.

For years Qiuyuan Lishang had been unceasingly looking for a way to cure his son’s disease but came up empty-handed each and every time. It could be said if not for Qiuyuan Yi’s illness, he would have been the next in line for the position of the Family head.

Contestants who passed the third round soon started quickly drawing their lots.

As Murong Qingyan saw number “Seven” written on the slip in her hands , she secretly mused in her heart that in this round it was yet unknown whom she would face.

However, no matter who was to be her opponent, she knew she couldn’t be as laid back as during the previous one. She even might have to show her hand.

She wasn’t afraid of exposing her strength. In truth, it could be said that this time she came here to let everyone know that she, Murong Qingyan, was no waste.

This was actually an important reason for her to come to this Clan Assembly. Perhaps, it would have been better to say, that this was previous Murong Qingyan explicit desire!

Once all the lots were drawn, one could shortly figure out who was matched against whom.

After finding out who her opponent was, Murong Qingyan could only sigh in her heart, the fate was indeed a marvelous thing, truly so!

Her duel was actually with no one else but Murong Qingxue! Although she expected to meet her in the ring, she didn’t think it’d happen so fast or so soon.

However, it was also a good thing. She hadn’t forgotten that Liu Mei poisoned her back then. Despite the fact that she couldn’t confirm Murong Qingxue had her hand in Liu Mei’s actions, it was of no importance.

No matter whether Murong Qingxue was involved in this incident or not, she, Murong Qingyan, would not show her mercy.

Murong Qingxue was also stunned for a moment there. Albeit she hadn’t anticipated that she’d face Murong Qingyan so suddenly, in her heart she immediately grew happy thinking of a such a good opportunity.

Though Murong Qingyan defeated Wu Da, in the end, how? That Wu Da was a boorish fellow, nothing but an empty talk. Even if Murong Qingyan had an inborn divine strength, what use did it have in front of Xuan Li? There was no comparison at all.

Today, she must defeat Murong Qingyan in front of everyone, so that everyone knew, that only she, Murong Qingxue, was worthy of Nangong Ye.


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