Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch75

Chapter 75: Nangong Ye vs. Qiuyuan Yi

Of course, she wouldn’t take Murong Qingyan’s life. Although she really wanted to, she would never do such a gruesome thing under the public scrutiny. Besides, she would make sure Murong Qingyan suffered more alive than dead.

Since Murong Qingyan was a waste, she would make her thoroughly feel what it meant to be one.

The fourth round soon began. The competition was intense. One should keep in mind, that apart from Murong Qingyan, everyone else relied on their true strength to reach this point.

Looking at the duels on the arena, heads of the Four Great Families nodded from time to time. Sometimes they even talked to the stewards standing beside them.

After experiencing elimination from the three rounds, only elites managed to come this far. If the Four Great Families aimed to expand and grow in power, they naturally had to find suitable talents. Thus, those family heads were on a lookout, closely observing those who came up in the ring in hopes of finding a good seedling.

“Fifth match. Nangong Ye against Qiuyuan Yi.”

A loud voice resounded across the arena instantly attracting undivided attention of the spectators. And in particular, of all the young ladies of noble families. Their previously distracted manner was nowhere to be found, their entire attention fixed on the ring.

Whether it was Nangong Ye or Qiuyuan Yi, both of them were renown figures in Da Luo country. Be it a formidable strength or handsome looks, they had it all.

In fact, if one had to compare, in terms of appearances Qiuyuan was even better. On his snowy white face a subtle sickly look did nothing to diminish his appearance, instead, it added even more of an elegant charm to it.

A pity though, he had a naturally high innate talent, but being plagued by his inborn illness, who knew when he would leave this world. That was an indisputable reason why his fame couldn’t match up to Nangong Ye’s.

At this time Nangong Ye and Qiuyuan Yi stood face to face in the ring.

“Brother Qiuyuan, please, grant me your guidance!” Nangong Ye cupped his fists towards Qiuyuan Yi, a cultured and refined smile on his lips. The whole person gave off an aura of a modest and mild-mannered gentleman.

“Brother Nangong is overly courteous.” Faced with Nangong Ye’s proper attitude, Qiuyuan Yi obviously couldn’t nor wouldn’t act overbearing. He smiled, responding: “Asking brother Nangong not to be too strict with me.”


Young ladies, having caught the humble exchange going on the ring, lost their cool, their admiration for the both of them shot through the skies. There were even young ladies who, forgetting their upbringing and good manners, cheered loudly at the dashing gentlemen in the ring.

Murong Qingyan observing all of this found those girls ridiculous. She had a vivid image of their eyes taking a glowing pink heart shape.

“Master, those people are frighteningly love-struck,” nestled in Murong Qingyan’s bosom Little White also had seen the crazed females and, shuddering, couldn’t help but voice his opinion.

Initially, Little White was supposed to stay inside her space, but he grew bored and quietly snuck out.

Murong Qingyan didn’t forbid him either since no one would notice him if he didn’t speak. Moreover, if one looked at Lil’ White appearance now, it would never cross their mind that he was actually a god-level beast.

Just as Murong Qingyan thought, no one took a note of the little white beast in her arms. And even if they had seen it, not many would be interested in it.


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