Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch83

Chapter 83: Sisters’ battle (part 4)

In the face of this fierce attack, Murong Qingyan still had no change in expression. With her consistent indifference she also brought her hands together, palms connected, condensing Xuan Li into the white barrier in front of herself. The most surprising part was that it wasn’t a pure white barrier, but it had a tinge of golden light. Although golden light there wasn’t obvious, one could still notice it.

Murong Qingyan forming a barrier was quite a surprise to the spectators, but they were still more optimistic about Murong Qingxue’s move.

“I didn’t expect that Murong Qingyan could also materialize Xuan Li in forms. But look at it! It can’t be compared to the one Young lady Qingxue made.”

“Yeah! Just take a look at the Xuan Li she condensed. Surprisingly, it’s not pure! How could this kind of thing compete with Murong Qingxue’s.”

As soon as spectators at the lower stands noticed golden shimmer in Murong Qingyan’s barrier, they disdained it as beneath their contempt.

However, unlike the chattering mish-mash of spectators at the common seatings, those dignitaries that were seated at the upper stands, had grave expressions. They were heads of the Great Families or high-ranked officials of Galuo Kingdom. With all their knowledge and experience, they didn’t think that the golden shimmer of Murong Qingyan’s Xuan Li was due to its impurity.

Although they had never seen this phenomenon of Xuan Li before, examining the completed Xuan Li barrier they could detect a powerful force emitting from those golden threads.

At this moment that huge white greatsword had already reached Murong Qingyan and directly stabbed at her barrier, causing a blinding flare of white light to blast out, forcing people to shut their eyes.

Just as everyone thought that the greatsword broke through the barrier, something outside of their expectations happened. Upon the collision with the barrier, Murong Qingxue’s huge greatsword unexpectedly started to fade, and in the end, just as a piece of glass, it broke into a myriad of white shards, which, at last, completely disappeared from people’s sight.

Along with disappearance of the white greatsword, Murong Qingyan retracted her hands and the white barrier also faded away.

“This… how can this be?”

Murong Qingxue’s mind was once again thrown in between denial and disbelief. But she hadn’t even finished her sentence, as she had to cover her chest, feeling as a sweet tangy bile welled up in her throat, forcing her to spit out a mouthful of bright red blood.

The white greatsword was formed using her own Xuan Li, so, obviously, now that it had been destroyed she inevitably suffered a vicious backlash.

After spitting blood, Murong Qingxue felt weariness robbing her body of strength, she staggered, almost causing her to fall down. However, she quickly urged herself to get a grip and stared at Murong Qingyan with an extremely gloomy expression.

“Murong Qingxue, now it’s my turn!”

Seeing Murong Qingxue’s expression full of hatred, Murong Qingyan was unmoved.

Placing her hands together again she condensed Xuan Li once more, but now it took a form of a lightsaber. Compared to Murong Qingxue’s greatsword its size was laughable, the difference was like between Heaven and Earth, for it was merely a size of a child’s arm. Nevertheless, still, on its surface, it had that slight glimmer of gold.

Confronted with the sudden reversal on the ring, spectators didn’t know what to think.

On the upper stands, eminent personages’ expressions turned even heavier. None thought, that the match of the strong oppressing the weak would ultimately make such a turn.

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  • dismal clerk

    Wait… lightsaber? That’s what the CN said? Like Star Wars lightsaber? If it is, awesome! If not, go stab MQX in her fake white lotus black heart, MQY!!! XD

    Thanks for the chapter!!! 😀

    • Agnie

      Until you mentioned it, I didn’t link it with SW, but OMG, it’s just…spot-on. Though I don’t believe any jedis will come into the picture, boo. It is indeed a lightsaber as in it’s not heavy and light as in shimmering/glimmering/glowing. But maybe I should have just used ‘saber’ >_> Thanks for the heads-up!

      • dismal clerk

        No. It’s fine. It could be a “light” (as in not heavy) saber and still would describe the weapon MQY is using at the moment. It could also be in the shape of the SW’s lightsaber (MQY is from the 21st century after all, so she could have watched Star Wars). That would be hilarious if MQY did! LOL!

    • He who is random

      Yeah, watch her take out a lightsaber, release it’s bankai form while in super saiyan mode, all of this being extra boosted in power, because she ate the Xuanli Xuanli fruit combined with the extra knowledge and training in it which she gained in Hogwarts. All of this combined with that ring of power, forged in Mordor, that the white tiger brought to her, I just can’t see how anyone of these kids can possibly be her match…

      • Agnie

        Hey, it’s not just a white tiger. It’s a lucky mascot! Oops, Xiao Bai, sorry, I meant, the divine beast of good fortune that is a reincarnation of a lady luck (hey, have you Ever seen such an epic class armor?)


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