Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch90 (2/2)

Chapter 90 (part 2): Inciting discord

“You!.. Whatever do you mean?” Listening to Murong Qingyan’s question, Murong Qingxue felt fear grip her heart, a faint premonition raised within.

Since that match, she had always tried to absorb spiritual energy to help her restore her health as soon as possible, but she couldn’t understand why, whenever she tried to assimilate it, she just couldn’t condense Xuan Li. She thought at first that it was probably due to her heavy injuries. But, could it be…

“Haha, what I meant… Shouldn’t you be very clear about it in your heart?” Murong Qingyan coldly laughed, adding: “Haven’t you always talked about me being a waste until now? Then, how does it feel now, now that you’ve become one yourself?”

“What did you do to me?!” Shocked, Murong Qingxue suddenly raised her head, glaring at Murong Qingyan.

“Don’t you want to know, why?” Murong Qingyan ignored her question, firing one back at her.

Murong Qingxue stared with her eyes wide open, completely unable to respond, however, this time fear lurked in her eyes. She was afraid. She was afraid that Murong Qingyan said the truth just now. If she truly couldn’t cultivate afterward, becoming a waste… She’d lose everything. Whether it was her status in the family or her marriage with Nangong Ye, she would lose it all.

“Actually, you should thank your dear mother for that,” Murong Qingyan changed the topic abruptly once more. She said with a smile: “All of what I did was merely to repay concubine Liu’s ‘thoughtful care’ she bestowed upon me.”

Hearing the implication in Murong Qingyan’s words, Liu Mei grew alarmed in her heart, feeling anxious that Murong Qingyan had already found out everything.

“Murong Qingyan, what do you mean by that?” Murong Qingxue tilted her head, her eyes filled with so much resentment, hatred, and anger, that amalgamation of these emotions was palpable.

“What I mean is quite simple, ah!” Murong Qingyan took a step forward, an unrestrained, devilish smile appeared on her face: “Your good concubine of a mother has been adding a slow-acting poison to my food and drinks. As a result, I’ve wasted you.”

With those simple and straightforward words everything was laid out in the open. But those simple words also made both Murong Qingxue’s fury overflow the heavens and Liu Mei panic-stricken.

No longer paying them any heed, Murong Qingyan turned around and left Murong Qingxue’s room.

She came over today precisely to let Murong Qingxue know of this. Since Liu Mei dared to poison her, Murong Qinguan, then surely in her heart she should be prepared for a retaliation.

Now that Murong Qingxue knew the reason for her current situation as well as the role her mother played in it, one didn’t know, what kind of feelings she would have towards her!

Perhaps, right now Murong Qingxue didn’t quite believe her yet, but all too quickly those words of hers would be proven by facts. When the time came, one only feared that it would be absolutely impossible for her to treat Liu Mei the same way as before, without a grudge at all.  

In anticipation of this, Murong Qingyan revealed a cheerful smile.

As for what actually happened in Murong Qingxue’s room after Murong Qingyan left, no one knew. But when the maids went into the room a while later, they only saw everything scattered about in a complete mess. As well as Liu Mei’s complexion, who was taking care of Murong Qingxue, was particularly ashen.

In the afternoon, a messenger was sent out from Murong Qingxue’s room with a letter to be delivered into Nangong Ye’s hands.


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