Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch91.3

Chapter 91.3: Finals

“It looks like Murong Qingxue told you something.” Murong Qingyan understood that point clearly. “However, I’m not here to talk drivel with you. Let’s get on with it! There’s no need to continue wasting our time anymore.”

“You…” Seeing that Murong Qingyan didn’t seem to be repentant at all, a gloominess flashed through Nangong Ye’s eyes: “Since you’re unable to tell good from bad, don’t blame me for not showing you mercy.”

Yesterday he received Murong Qingxue’s letter, stating that Murong Qingyan injured her deliberately. Even more so, Murong Qingyan even ran to Xue-er’s courtyard to show off. He was truly enraged by this.

However, after careful consideration, he felt that he was in the wrong about the matter of their engagement, so he wanted to give Murong Qingyan a chance. Now that Murong Qingyan didn’t appreciate his kindness, he didn’t need to be polite either.

With Nangong Ye’s hypocrisy laid out before her, Murong Qingyan’s eyes turned cold and she immediately set into action.

Merely in a split second, she vanished from sight and rushed right up to Nangong Ye, attacking him straight away.

Nangong Ye hadn’t anticipated that Murong Qingyan would act so straightforwardly, once he realized the danger, he hastily took a sidestep in response, avoiding the impact. However, despite him taking care to dodge the attack, he couldn’t prevent the force of Murong Qingyan’s fist sweeping past his jade-like face, causing a burst of pain.

Seeing that Nangong Ye dodged her attack, Murong Qingyan wasn’t surprised. If before him even Murong Qingxue was able to, it would have been abnormal instead if he couldn’t avoid it. Today, she was prepared to fight to the bitter end.

Following Nangong Ye’s evasion, Murong Qingyan hadn’t pulled back, on the contrary, she unceasingly launched a punch after punch at him once more. Of course, in those attacks, Murong Qingyan didn’t use her spiritual power, rather her brute force.

Spectators at the stands watched as the fight between two became heated, and their hearts leaped up and down along with the actions in the ring.

Murong Qingyan’s punches were fierce and fast, there hadn’t yet even been time for the opponent to evade one, when another one, even stronger one, followed suit. None of her attacks had even an ounce of Xuan Li, she relied purely on her physical strength. Such attacks, actually, were quite uncommon in the competition. After all, compared with one’s body physical might, the strike force with Xuan Li was immensely greater.

Under Murong Qingyan’s more and more concentrated barrage, Nangong Ye’s tranquil expression gradually had to change. He had never thought he’d be pressured to such a degree by Murong Qingyan.

From the very beginning, he had never taken this confrontation with Murong Qingyan seriously. But as the time passed, it seemed like Murong Qingyan’s strength and stamina were endless, and his dodging cost him more and more effort.

Suddenly, Nangong Ye felt a burst of pain in his shoulder. As it turned out, when Nangong Ye failed to dodge carefully, Murong Qingyan’s fist landed on his shoulder. The sharp pain made him suspect that the bones in his shoulder got broken.

“Murong Qingyan,” Nangong Ye swiftly pushed away, clutching his shoulder, as he looked at the female in front of him fuming with rage, saying through gritted teeth: “You’ve gone too far.”

At this moment, Nangong Ye was weakened by this attack, Murong Qingyan got him good  He had never thought that he would unexpectedly eat such a loss at Murong Qingyan’s hand.

The pain in his shoulder made his rage in his heart rapidly bubble forth.

Spectators seeing Nangong Ye being hit and overwhelmed, couldn’t help but exclaim instantly in alarm, almost standing up from their seats. No one could have imagined that surprisingly, Murong Qingyan would be able to injure Nangong Ye. After all, the difference in their cultivation was clear as day, making it impossible for Nangong Ye to sustain an injury.

“Nangong Ye, this is a competition arena,” Murong Qingyan looked at Nangong Ye in front of other, as she mockingly added: “In this arena, it goes without saying, that the opponents fight tooth and nail here to the bitter end. Is it possible that you still want to pretend here?”

“Humph! Murong Qingyan, since you want so much to bring about your own destruction, then blame me not,” saying so, Nanong Ye put away his scholarly smile: “Refusing a toast, only to be forced to drink a forfeit. Today, I’ll settle this account on behalf of Xue-er.”


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