Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch91.6

Chapter 91.6: Finals

Everything Qiuyuan Lishang casually mentioned was from observer’s point of view.  In any case, Qiuyuan family didn’t have any means left to vie for the position of the First Family in this Clan Assembly, so he felt no need to debate on the opponents’ shortcomings or advantages here anymore.

“Un, there’s still a lot to expect from this match,” Feng Fei nodded, and added with a smile: “No matter who wins or who loses, it’s just an opportunity to learn from one another.”

Master of the Four Great Families said nothing nor had nothing to say after Feng Fei’s words.

Murong Qingyan didn’t dare to face this descending bloodthirsty sword head-on. First of all, she understood the difference in Nangong Ye’s and her own cultivation, if she directly met this attack, even if she didn’t die, she would definitely be seriously injured. Secondly, the moment she had observed Nangong Ye’s move she felt as if there was something particularly evil about it.

“Master, dodge! Quickly!” Seeing this situation from the space, Little White hastily communicated from within: “Master, if you get hit by it, you will lose today, no doubt!”

Even if Little White didn’t entreat her, she refused to be an idiot who directly took the brunt of the attack. She nimbly moved sideways, evading Nangong Ye’s slash, whirling farther away right afterwards.

The instant she got out of the way, a huge crack appeared where she stood before with broken bricks flying out in all the directions.


Seeing the state of the arena, spectators couldn’t help but suck in a cold breath. If Murong Qingyan was really hit just now, wouldn’t the same happen to her as those bricks? Breaking into fragments?

Murong Qingyan’s eyes lit up sharply, it seemed like getting hit in this match was truly nothing good. Nangong Ye indeed wasn’t a straw-bag, undeniably he was extremely strong. At least, for the current her he was a powerful enemy.

However, such battle was even better. She wanted to become stronger, and to achieve that she had to fight constantly. Defeating Nangong Ye today was her first step in that direction.

Thinking thus, Murong Qingyan’s eyes glowed with the fighting spirit.

Having missed, Nangong Ye didn’t hesitate whatsoever, immediately following up with another attack at Murong Qingyan. The swift and fierce murderous aura once again swept towards Murong Qingyan unceasingly.

Unlike the last time, Murong Qingyan didn’t move to dodge this attack. She gritted her teeth, as she balled her fists, xuanli from all over her body concentrated in them, then brought them together to meet Nangong Ye’s attack.

“Heavens! Does this Murong Qingyan not want to live anymore? Unexpectedly, she dares to directly block the Blood Devouring attack this way!”

Seeing Murong Qingyan’s decision, this thought appeared in the hearts of all the spectators. Merely by looking at the previous attack, one could see just what kind of might did this Blood Devouring Sword possess, adding to it Nangong Ye’s xuanli… Murong Qingyan facing such an attack straight on like this was nothing more than a suicidal move.

Under all the inconceivable gazes, Murong Qingyan firmly brandished her fists upwards, with such an incredible speed, that a streak of vacuum was formed along their trajectory, in a split second with a terrible momentum the sword and fists collided!

This was the crudest, most primitive method of the attack.

“Boom!” A huge impact along with a loud bang followed the collision of the two Xuan Li. At once a surge of the explosive air spread out from the center of the arena in all the directions, bringing a wave of heat along with it.

The ground of the arena was unable to withstand this kind of pressure and cracks appeared on it.

The petite fists, the sharp blade, both wrapped in xuanli, both refused to submit to each other!

Nangong Ye clearly didn’t anticipate that Murong Qingyan would be able to block his attack. He was currently at the late stage of the Opening Period, while Murong Qingyan was merely at the late stage of Foundation Establishment.

His strength was several ranks higher than that of Murong Qingyan. Moreover, he had the Blood Devouring Sword helping him, while Murong Qingyan fought him with bare hands.

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