Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch91.7

Chapter 91.7: Finals

Rapidly Nangong Ye’s expression turned even gloomier. In his opinion, him being unable to defeat Murong Qingyan for so long was already quite a failure.

Suddenly, he sensed a strong xuanli attack aimed at him. With no time to consider he gathered all of his xuanli into the Blood Devouring Sword.

A killing intent once again manifested over the entire arena. The surrounding spectators almost couldn’t bear this murderous aura, many of them felt a stuffy feeling in their chests, so strong it was, that they felt as if there was a fishy smell stuck in their throats. Some of them with relatively low cultivation that were unable to bear this pressure, fainted.

Seeing such a scene, Feng Fei immediately stood up, both of his hands quickly creating seals, following which a boundary was set around the arena. Otherwise, if this continued, before the competition ended, who knew how many people watching it would suffer an accident.

With the boundary set above the arena, spectators suddenly felt relieved, as if a great pressure was lifted from them. At the same time, they sighed, who would have thought that they would see such an intense match during this Clan Assembly, their trip wasn’t made in vain!

On the arena, Murong Qingyan’s face which usually didn’t have many expressions, wasn’t actually as calm as before.

She felt her internal organs being squeezed together, her whole body ached in earnest, it seemed as if she would collapse at any moment, yet, she didn’t. She gritted her teeth, as she once again drew xuanli from all of her body into her fists, her complexion slightly paled, her eyes deep as an ocean, as she abruptly punched out!

Feeling the surge in Murong Qingyan’s strength, Nangong Ye drove xuanli from out of his dantian, unceasingly pouring it into the sword.

He truly couldn’t understand, how Murong Qingyan who was not even at the Opening Period could possess such an immense amount of Xuan Li, moreover, of different use? He himself felt his own i depleting, but Murong Qingyan didn’t seem to be similarly affected.

Little anyone knew Murong Qingyan’s situation at the moment was absolutely not as good as it appeared to be. She felt that her dantian was already emptied, her strength also gradually left her body.

“Master, you’re already at your limit,” Little White, watching everything from her space, was extremely worried. If it wasn’t for Murong Qingyan’s orders, he’d have run out the space long time ago to help her. “If it continues like this, you’ll be in danger, Master!”

Murong Qingyan wasn’t ready to submit. She clenched her teeth and forced herself to steadily preserve.

Finally, the resistance between the both Xuan Li having reached its climax, exploded between with them with a flash of a blinding white light. In this intense explosion, both of them were sent flying.

People at the stands watched opponents’ each and every move, not daring even to blink in fear of missing any splendid instance of this battle.

Once they saw a blinding flash of light in the arena, they had to close their eyes involuntarily. When they opened them once more, the situation in the arena had greatly changed.

Nangong Ye had already withdrawn to the edge of the arena, his face void of color, at the corner of his mouth a was a smear of bright red blood. Although he was still standing, he looked weak and pale, as though a slight breeze could topple him over.

However, compared with Murong Qingyan, Nangong Ye’s situation was definitely better.


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