Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch91.9

Chapter 91.9: Finals

The audience was in an uproar. Everyone thought that Murong Qingyan didn’t admit defeat not because she considered herself to be strong and had the ability, but because she wanted to be in the limelight.

Of course, there were also people who were worried about Murong Qingyan, but these people were few and far between.

Once Murong Qingxue, who followed the match closely, saw the scene on the arena, excitement sparkled in her eyes anew.

A moment ago, when she witnessed Murong Qingyan getting injured, she was incredibly happy. Seeing that Murong Qingyan was defeated, in her heart, she felt particularly well and comfortable. Only, she felt, that if it ended like this, it was still insufficient.

At that time, the way Murong Qingyan shamed her in front of everyone, she wanted her to suffer through the same treatment. But she also knew that now that Murong Qingyan lost, the competition had come to an end. Deep in her heart, she also complained a bit that older brother Ye let Murong Qingyan off too lightly.

However, she also understood, if Nangong Ye continued to attack Murong Qingyan under those circumstances, one feared, he would only receive everyone’s scorn and condemnation.

But unexpectedly, the saying was true that the mountain road twists around each peak, ah!¹ Astonishingly, Murong Qingyan acted recklessly, and in her current state she still refused to concede. This was for the best since older brother Ye could keep on attacking Murong Qingyan, and it would have been even better if he killed her on this arena; then she would be able to let go of the resentment in her heart.

Thinking of all this, Murong Qingxue’s expression became terrifyingly sinister. If anyone had seen her right now, no one would believe that she was that usually gentle and tender young lady of the Murong family.

Yet, at this time, the attention of all the spectators was completely focused on the arena, so nobody took note of this little thing.

“Nangong Ye, I don’t admit defeat,” saying so, Murong Qingyan coughed twice more and spat a mouthful of blood. Soon after, with a struggle, she forced herself to stand up and face Nangong Ye.

Albeit she managed to stand up, her face was still deathly pale and her lips turned purple. Overall she looked particularly stubborn.

“Murong Qingyan, in your current condition, do you think you can still fight?”

Nangong Ye retracted his eyes from Murong Qingyan’s, shaking his head as if to dispel that strange feeling from a moment ago.

“Whether I can still fight or not, I have the final say, it’s not up to you decide,” even though Murong Qingyan was seriously injured, her eyes didn’t lose their sharpness from before.

In her space, Little White at the moment was extremely anxious, fretting all over. He felt like jumping out of the space, but due to the suppression of Murong Qingyan’s Yin-Yang bracelet, he was not allowed to. He could only worry himself to death inside.

“Very well, Murong Qingyan, since you’re seeking death yourself,” looking at Murong Qingyan, Nangong Ye’s eyes flashed darkly: “then don’t blame me for being merciless.”

Murong Qingyan wasn’t put off by his words at all.

Right this moment though, something unpredictable happened. All of the sudden, the surrounding spiritual energy with frantic wildness rushed towards Murong Qingyan, its seemingly unending stream poured into her body.


  1. 峰回路转 (Fēng huí lù zhuǎn) – an idiom, lit.: the mountain road twists around each peak. Meaning is that there’re (unpredictable) twists and turns in life. 


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Hey, guys! This was the last chapter of the bunch I managed to translate the week before… and since then it’s been too hectic to pick it up, so… I can’t promise there will be 5ch this week. On the bright side, the next chapter (not a part of the chapter) should be the last concerning competition. We will know soon just how good (or not sogood) this lil showdown going to turnout. (It’s not considered a spoiler, right?)


Ps. It wasn’t clear before, but it seems that there’s a difference between Xuan Li (the mysterious/spiritual force) that humans cultivate within their bodies and the natural spiritual energy (Ling Li)  that was yet to be absorbed and…er, processed, er, cultivated.

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