Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch92.3

Chapter 92, part 3: The Winner

“Heavens! Has Murong Qingyan actually accomplished it? Has she advanced successfully?”

“That’s truly a miracle! Under such circumstances, Murong Qingyan was able to break through! I thought she’d fail and get herself grave injuries!”

“Now that Murong Qingyan is at the Opening period, who knows how she will match up to Nangong Ye now?”

As everyone wagged their tongues, there were many guesses, who will end up on top in this match.

Originally, when everyone thought that Nangong Ye would undoubtedly win today, just in a moment they had seen him being forced into such straits by Murong Qingyan. That could only mean that her strength definitely was not weak, and now that Murong Qingyan had a breakthrough, perhaps she could really manifest her power to fight him.

Naturally, those thoughts belonged to the minority. Most people believed that even though Murong Qingyan had successfully advanced, she had merely advanced to the early stage of the Opening Period and even then it was not yet solidified. Nangong Ye’s cultivation base was much stronger than Murong Qingyan’s, moreover he had Blood Devouring Sword in his hands, so, of course, he would win.

Murong Qingyan finally opened her eyes, she discovered that the spiritual energy in her body was now truly abundant, its power seemed to be endless. And not only that, she also felt everything in her surroundings became much clearer and distinct.

Immediately, she stood up and seeing that Nangong Ye was sitting there, meditating, her eyes flashed with a trace of surprise. She also thought that Nangong Ye would attack her while she was breaking through and totally she did not expect he would be unexpectedly quietly waiting at the side. With such an outcome she couldn’t help but be startled.

However, even if Nangong Ye indeed attacked her during her advancement, it would not have done him any good. Once she realized that she was on the verge of the breakthrough she called upon Little White within her space to protect her. Little White’s strength was indisputable. If Nangong Ye attacked her at that time, he wouldn’t have fared well in the end.

They both stood up, facing each other once more. Although the bloodstains still covered Murong Qingyan’s body, the whole person appeared to be much more spirited. After a round of meditation Nangong Ye also seemed to be in a good shape.

Looking at their good conditions, in their hearts, spectators anticipated even a better showdown.

The opponents haven’t spoken, directly launching attacks at each other.

Nangong Ye held up his sword once more and moved his xuanli in it, slashing at Murong Qingyan right after.

Swift and fierce beam of the sword light whooshed towards Murong Qingyan, bringing with itself a burst of frightening killing intent.

Facing the sword attack, Murong Qingyan hooked her lips indifferently. If earlier it could be said she faced this attack reluctantly, but now it was a whole other story. The present her was brimming with strength from head to toe, the thing she wanted to experience the most at the moment was the ruthless attacks. Therefore, she instantly clenched her fist, brandishing it against Nangong Ye’s sword.

Then the thing that no one expected happened. The originally fierce sword attack under Murong Qingyan’s gentle wave of a fist had actually missed, in the end landing near her.

“How could this be?!” At the stands, greatly surprised upon seeing this, Nangong Ting shot to his feet.

Not only Nangong Ting was shocked witnessing this, everyone in the audience were astonished. Just a while ago, Murong Qingyan’s struggle against Nangong Ye’s attack looked particularly arduous, she had even sustained heavy injuries. But now confronting such fierce, swift attack, she dealt with it with ease. How could this be possible?

Perhaps, the one who felt it most deeply was none other than Nangong Ye. He didn’t anticipate it in the slightest, that Murong Qingyan could face his attack surprisingly with such ease. At the moment he could still feel the momentary numbness in the hand that was holding his sword.


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