Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch92.4

Chapter 92, part 4: The Winner

“Nangong Ye, I’ve said it before, I won’t lose to you.”

As Murong Qingyan’s words fell, she attacked Nangong Ye once again. She bravely raised her head, forming a fist with her hand, and with a tap of her right foot, she hit off the ground, her body flying as a cannonball straight at Nangong Ye, launching her violent attacks once more.

A footprint was left at the place on the ring where she stood just a moment ago, a crack spreading from it in all directions!

Seeing this scene, all the spectators sucked in a breath of cold air!

Murong Qingyan kept punching with such an extremely fast speed that following her fist a space of vacuum generated. The momentum of the oncoming attacks was fierce, her fist uninterrupted flew against Nangong Ye, leaving no gaps.

Nangong Ye didn’t think that after going through such an intense battle Murong Qingyan not only hadn’t tired herself out, her offensive had even gotten much stronger. He could only use his sword to constantly block Murong Qingyan’s punches, but her volley of fists was too swift. Soon, he became aware of the fact that he was getting more and more powerless against them.

The fist and the sword collided repeatedly, the two xuanli upon each impact exploded unceasingly with flashes of white light, huge fluctuations of the spiritual energy spread in directions.

As long as people had eyes, they could see that Nangong Ye was almost beaten down under the pressure of Murong Qingyan’s attacks.

Amongst the audience, corners Nangong Ting’s eyes tightened with anxiousness hidden in them, although he tried to suppress his feelings at the moment, his firmly clenched fists betrayed his mood.

In the ring, Murong Qingyan and Nangong Ye still went on strong with their battle.

Just then, Murong Qingyan finally found an opportunity, she coated her fist with the xuanli, directly jabbing at the opening left by Nangong Ye.

Nangong Ye also discovered this point, but it was all too late. Even if he wanted to dodge instantly, he couldn’t. He could only perceive this fierce punch flying straight at him, hitting him directly, a burst of pain racking through his body. Then, he felt as if his body was sent flying.

In the eyes of the crowd reflected the way Nangong Ye’s body flew backward, the way he directly hit the enchantment laid by Feng Fei, and landed on the ground outside the ring.

Nangong Ye crashed on the ground with a bang, he struggled to sit up, following which he suddenly threw up blood, and as if he couldn’t persist anymore, fainted right then and there. The Blood Devouring sword he had been tightly holding in his hand all this time, from his loosened grip also fell not far away from him.

Witnessing all this, a majority of people was stunned. Actually, this… in the end… Nangong Ye had actually lost… right?

At the moment, no one dared to believe their own eyes. Nangong Ye was defeated, moreover, he was defeated by Murong Qingyan. Just how was this possible? Yet, against all odds, this actually impossible development had happened right in front of their eyes.

At the stands, the audience fell into a deep silence, no one spoke. For a moment, the scene seemed peaceful and quiet, to the point of strangeness.

Looking at Nangong Ye, who had already flown out of the ring, a trace of regret flashed within Murong Qingyan’s eyes.


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W-wait, what?! That’s it?!

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  • iRead4Fun

    Well… that was anticlimactic. I expected more fanfare, more trash talks, more menacing glares, more threatening posturing, more jeering, more heckling…

    Okay. We all knew it was coming. Still. I expect a little more… pizzazz. Hehe!

    Ah well… what you gonna do now, fake Bodhisattva half-sister, fiancé-thief? And what’s the Murong clan going to do now that their “trash” not only won but had increased her rank and powers? 😏😵😁 Tune in next time for a more exciting adventures of The Fighting Doctor (which she hadn’t used her medical knowledge for the last 30 chapters or so… 😂🤣😂🤣).

    Thanks for the chapter, Agnie! 😁

    • Agnie

      Yup, I didn’t dare write it up there, but it was totally… lame… oops, I meant, yes, anticlimactic, sigh. I was sooo ready to squeeze my brain with battle scenes, but now it seems I’ll be frying it with another couple kk words of ‘no way!’, ‘impossible!’ and searching high and low for their synonyms, lol.
      Actually, yes, I hope she cures poor Yi guy soon. He seems pretty decent for a second ML(?). I can’t wait until they finally set off for the Academy. I pray there will be a little less conversation, a little more action. I pray.

      • iRead4Fun

        Ohhh… Can you spoil us on who is the ML? Puh-leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease? 🙇🙇🙇

        It’s the author’s fault. She just had to build our expectations, only to drop us down like a hot potato faster than a playboy replaces girlfriends than he does his underwear? What? Too literal? Keke!

        • Agnie

          To tell you the truth? I have no idea, lol. I haven’t even read 92 chapter till the end yet. But it’s certainly not Qiuyuan Yi. I think, if I remember right, Ai Hrist mentioned that the guy MQY met during her…walk? cultivation? training? in the forest? is the one. But it was like…70 chapters ago?
          Haha, lol, Actually, I didn’t believe this is indeed the end of the match until yesterday I’ve translated today’s part. I still had hopes, lol. Your analogy fits perfectly, lol!

    • A random fish in the sea

      Forget the “trash” becoming a genius, what’re they gonna do about their most prided genius becoming a trash?

      • iRead4Fun

        Oh they’re still going to keep licking the ground that the ‘genius-turned-trash’ walks on. It’s like the Murong clan is programmed to have a one-track mind, and never mind the physical evidence they see, their minds are made up that MQX is the true heir to the Murong clan, no matter how good MQY gets. Because… you know… author. XD

  • soulesswarrior

    Thanks for the chapter! I’m surprised it was such a clean and simple defeat but proves she’s just that much stronger. Excited to see what the spectators have to say about this now 😂


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