Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch92.8

Chapter 92, part 8: The Winner

However, Liu Mei couldn’t imagine that after a period of time, her Xue-er, who left with a merely weakened body, would be carried back on a stretcher.

“This… What in the world is going on?” Looking at an unconscious Xue-er, Liu Mei angrily shrieked: “How did Xue-er end up this way?”

Under Liu Mei’s reproach, the guards of the Murong family who brought Murong Qingxue back, didn’t bother to reply, simply frowned and turned to leave right away.

They were the guards of the Murong family, they were not the same as the likes of those servants. Liu Mei was just a concubine in the Murong family, nothing more, they undoubtedly didn’t attach any importance to her.

Seeing the attitude of those guards upon their departure, Liu Mei felt like spewing a rain of curses. But thinking of unconscious Xue-er lying on the couch, she could only endure and swallow them back. Immediately she sent servants to invite a doctor.

Some time after taking doctor’s prescription, Murong Qingxue finally regained her consciousness.

“Xue-er, how are you? Where are you not feeling comfortable?” Seeing that Murong Qingxue awoke, Liu Mei, who was caring for her all this while, leaned closer and asked her kindly: “You were perfectly fine, how come you have suddenly fainted? I’ve told you before not to go out, but you haven’t listened and now…”

“Do not say it again,” instantly, Murong Qingyan interrupted Liu Mei’s concern. “If you ever repeat it again, just get out of here!”

Upon seeing that Murong Qingxue was throwing a fit, Liu Mei didn’t dare to nag: “Well, fine, I won’t disturb you anymore. Just make sure to get a good rest. Once you’ve recuperated well enough, you can get married to Nangong Ye.”

Liu Mei was closed up in the family residence, therefore she couldn’t have known about the matters at the competition. So, in order to let Murong Qingxue recuperate better, she brought up Nangong Ye.

“No! Not anymore!” Hearing Nangong Ye’s name being mentioned, Murong Qingxue couldn’t hold it anymore and burst into tears: “Now everything is over! I won’t be able to marry elder brother Ye.”

“What?” When Liu Mei heard Murong Qingxue talk, she was greatly shocked. In a hurry, she asked: “Has he found out that you…” … cannot cultivate anymore?

Reaching this point in her question, Liu Mei abruptly stopped. She understood the principle that the walls had ears very well. At the moment, no one was aware of the fact Xue-er was no longer able to cultivate.

She absolutely couldn’t let this matter to be known. If the news of Xue-er becoming a waste was to spread, Xue-er would no longer have a standing in the Murong family, to say nothing of herself.

She had discarded her feelings and all too many things just to nurture Xue-er, and only with a great difficulty she finally managed to attain a status in the Murong family by relying on her. She would never allow anything to change it.

Murong Qingxue bawled her eyes out, and perhaps, due to heavily suppressed emotions, she finally recounted everything that happened today during the finals.

After her daughter was done with her narration, Liu Mei still couldn’t believe it: “You said, Murong Qingyan defeated Nangong Ye?”

“That’s right” At the mention on Murong Qingyan’s name Murong Qingxue gritted her teeth, gnashing them in hatred: “And not only that, that slut, in such a public place with numerous witnesses, bluntly said that she annuls her engagement with elder brother Ye. And she even said that elder brother Ye doesn’t deserve her.”

“As a result of her declaration, Master Nangong flew into a rage and at once canceled my engagement with Nangong Ye right.”

“I didn’t expect it to turn out this way,” Liu Mei’s complexion was anything but good. “She actually even dared to ruin your marriage into Nangong family.”

As she spoke, a murderous streak flashed in her eyes. One had to know that she was most pleased with the matter of Xue-er marrying into Nangong family. Even though Murong Qingyan won against Nangong Ye during the competition, it in no way stripped Nangong family of its strength and influence.


Agnie’s corner:

Heeeeello, Liu Mei? Who ruined whose marriage? Bah! How can you even say that with a straight face? Ugh.

Hur-hur-hur… The Bet:

First things first, statistics. The voices counted as such: 16 for MQX being pregnant, 4 not pregnant. 

Hmmm, from this part we can deduce 3 strikes against MQX being pregnant: 1) if MQX is pregnant, Liu Mei is not aware of it (well, look at their relationship. Liu Mei not knowing isn’t too far-fetched, though not that credible either); 2) the doctor was there but didn’t mention a thing… 3) if MQX was pregnant, with her hysterical tantrum the author was likely to mention it this time around.

Hence, it’s unlikely that she’s pregnant (Author, thank you, one trope less, and… author, no thank you, one grand face-slapping less as well), but we don’t know for sure (what if the author decides to club us with it out the blue later?), so for the final confirmation we’ll wait until the showdown between our lovely NGY vs MQX (vs MQY). Ho-ho. I hope there will be one.

(Sigh…I feel… cheated, my expectations were both raised and killed at the same time, tsk. Those souls in the MQX preg camp, unite!)

((and in a very tiny voice: Uhm, guys, I haven’t started on the next part yet, and not likely I’ll fix that problem in next 21 hours, so… yeah, don’t hold many expectations for tomorrow. *coughs* *looks around* *runs away*))

Oohhh, and the most important thing:

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  • A random fish in the sea

    They reap what they sow, yet they blame others for it in the end.
    *Sigh* There’s no hope for these two~

  • iRead4Fun

    It would be stupid of MQX if she did get pregnant. And there’s still a lot of tropes the author can cover, like MQX suddenly getting a power-up, or NGY suddenly chasing after MQY now that MQY has proven that she’s definitely no trash, or how about her parents are still alive (then again the story never said they were dead, just missing), or that MQY really is the daughter of some deities or celestial beings or something and had transmigrated into the body of the original MQY or something and the transmigrated soul is actually all-powerful and the ML is also her lover from her past life or something similar… and I’ve read enough CNs that I should probably step back a little… 😑😱😵😂🤣

    Thanks Agnie! 😁

  • sholls

    Kedua orang yang tidak tahu diri.Apa salahnya MQY mengatakan ke seluruh dunia bahwa dia yang tidak menyukai NGY dan memutuskan pertunangan.
    Memang mereka saja yang berhak.
    Terimakasih atas bab ini.


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