Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch93.3

Chapter 93, part 3: An accident and another meeting

Qiuyuan Lishang, seeing the determination in his son’s eyes, in the end, nodded. He turned his head to look at Murong Qingyan: “This being the case, we’ll have to trouble young lady.”

Murong Qingyan nodded and immediately said: “I can cure his illness, however, similarly you will have to give a corresponding reward from your side.”

She felt that it was best to discuss some things first to avoid any disputes in the future. Hence, every time before she started treatment, she would first discuss conditions and rewards.

Having heard her words, Qiuyuan Lishang and Qiuyuan Yi, shocked, stared blankly for a moment. No one expected that the girl, even before she started treatment would talk about rewards.

“Definitely,” as soon as Qiuyuan Lishang regained his composure, promised right away: “Repaying for the treatment is a matter of course. As long as young lady cures my son, we, Qiuyuan family, will certainly express our deepest gratitude.”

“Some things I thought it would be better to say upfront,” Murong Qingyan opened her mouth to reply: “What I want is actually very simple. The strange flame that I’ll extract from him is the first, and the second is the drop of Heavenly Water.”

About the existence of this Heavenly Water, she was informed by none else but Little White. It was due to this drop of Heavenly Water that Qiuyuan Yi could preserve his life with his talent for so long.

This drop of Heavenly Water was a good thing and since she learned about its existence, naturally, she would not let it slip out of her hands.

The rewards mentioned by Murong Qingyan came as a surprise to Qiuyuan Lishang. In regards to this strange flame in Yi-er’s body, they had no use for it, if this girl wanted to take it away, then so be it. However, the drop of Heavenly Water was a different story.  

The Heavenly Water contained a massive energy¹, it was a very rare treasure. Back in the day, Qiuyuan family spent a great amount of resources and manpower to obtain it. Originally, he planned to study this drop, once Yi-er was cured and the flame was removed from his body. He didn’t anticipate that this girl would also want it. However, –

“Alright,” Qiuyuan Lishang nodded: “I accept your conditions. As long as you cure my son, the strange flame and the drop of the Heavenly Water are yours.”

He really didn’t expect, that the rewards this girl requested would be this special. However, as long as Yi-er was cured, giving away this drop of Heavenly was worth it. Exchanging a single item for Yi-er’s health could be said considered profitable.

Qiuyuan Yi, standing at the side, from the beginning till the end hadn’t spoken. For a reason that although this drop of Heavenly Water was on him, it still belonged to the Qiuyuan family. He didn’t have authority to make this decision.

Since the agreement was reached, Murong Qingyan was not unreasonable and choose to immediately start Qiuyuan Yi’s treatment.

Without a doubt, the treatment couldn’t be executed in the Hall. In a bit, they reached a secluded, quiet courtyard.

When they entered the room, Murong Qingyan said: “Very well, now all of you withdraw. Only Qiuyuan Yi stays.”

“But-” Qiuyuan Lishang wanted to say something but ultimately obeyed Murong Qingyan’s instruction and left the room.

In a moment, only Murong Qingyan and Qiuyuan Yi were left in the room.

“One doesn’t know what young lady is planning to do,” Qiuyuan Yi gently smiled. “What kind of cooperation is required of me?”


  1. There are two meanings there. It could be either that this Heavenly Water has a great amount of energy or it has some extra abilities, context is not clear, so, for now, I’ll leave it as energy. Another point is that it’s not necessarily a single drop, once again it’s not yet clear.


Agnie’s corner:

Hohoho, indeed, Murong Qingyan, what do you plan on doing to this poor gentle Yi-boy, mmm? Don’t let hubby catch you!

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  • iRead4Fun

    Ooooohhhh… another boost. I would have thought MQY would ask for some monetary compensation aside from those items, like some money-grubbing MCs. Oops! Wrong CN. LOL!

    By the way Agnie, why’d you chose this novel to translate? 🙂

    Thanks for the chapter!!!

    • Agnie

      Actually, I was surprised as well, but it seems that drop is quite pricey, maybe she’ll sell it, if it’s useless xD
      Why? Is it so bad? that I’d be better of translating something else? XDD There were 2 reasons: 1. I’ve read it during my *coughs* obsession with this type of novels at Ai Hrist’s, but she dropped it… (and it was sooo slow, you know, the chapter size-wise) but I wanted to know how it would end, so, yeah…;
      2. By the time I got around to the fact that ‘Wow, since I can, why don’t I just translate some novel myself? (or I’d simply forget the language)’, I’ve stumbled upon a link at NUF with a pickup request. And since I was too lazy *coughs* I mean, I was really curious about the story, here we are.
      (there was a drawback though, because I first picked it up, then read some chapters in original, and then I wished that…. well, to put it bluntly, my Chinese level proficiency must be way too low, because I just don’t feel the beauty of the language in this novel (but as a translator I feel duty-bound to deliver it). And this tiny drawback is driving me crazy. So I thought of picking (this time a new one), where I could let my *coughs* exquisite(-ly low-level) language skills fly. One can dream, right?) …
      ……… Huh?
      Eh? oops, I rambled again. What did you ask, you say? (xD)

  • iRead4Fun

    MQY would probably do that too. LOL!

    No! Your translation is great! I was also waiting for Ai Hrist to translate, but it looked like she dropped it, so I was really glad when you picked it up. The story is interesting. I like the MC so far. Right now, her focus is on strengthening herself and powering up than trying to get people to like her, because to her, what’s the point, right? People already dislike her from the start for being ‘trash’ and she doesn’t even try to hide her disdain for those types of people. But it does suffer from using a lot of tropes that’s very common in Wuxia novels, which tends to unnecessarily drag the story a lot. At least this novel doesn’t need 10-20 chapters (or 30… Gah!) to conclude an event happening to the MC in just A day, like a lot of 1K+ chapter CNs. XD

    And at least you understand Hanzi, which I applaud you because it can’t be that easy being proficient in writing/reading/understanding a character that’s not the typical Roman alphabet that a lot of people are familiar with. When a novel takes too long to update (I do understand that the translators have lives outside of just sitting in front of their computers) and I don’t get enough information from the spoiler pages, I’d try reading said novel via MTL and man! Does. My. Brain. Hurt! I even tried to translate each paragraph on Google translate, Sysnet and MDBG, but a lot of things just get lost in translation. And I’d give my brain a rest for a day or two before trying again, especially if the story really interests me. LOL!

    So really, thank you for picking this up and thank you for sharing it with your readers! 🙂

  • WildConsort

    Yeah thank you so much for translating this Agnie!! More power for u!! Fighting!!! We will be with u till the end ❤❤❤


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