Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch93.4

Chapter 93, part 4: An accident and another meeting

“Nothing, you just have to sleep.”

After saying this, Murong Qingyan took out a silver needle, following which she relentlessly thrust it directly into Qiuyuan Yi’s Zhiyun¹ point.

Qiuyuan Yi hadn’t even managed to respond before Murong Qingyan made him faint.

“Does Master want to start now?” Seeing that Qiuyuan Yi had already lost consciousness, Little White felt relieved and spoke up boldly.

“En. Little White, go to the side,” Murong Qingyan nodded, instructing: “Remember, do not let anyone in while I’m drawing the Child-flame out of Qiuyuan Yi. Otherwise, no matter, whether it’s me or Qiuyuan Yi, we’ll be in danger.”

In fact, she had already explained this matter to Qiuyuan Lishang a moment ago, however, it never hurt to take extra precaution and let Little White stand guard beside her.

A distinction between males and females didn’t exist in Murong Qingyan’s mind, so straightaway she stretched out her hand, undid Qiuyuan Yi’s robe and laid him on the bed.

Then, from her space, she took out silver needles that were disinfected in advance, picking them up one by one, she inserted them into acupuncture points.

Tianchi, Taiyin, Shaoshang…

Orderly, the silver needles were being placed into Qiuyuan Yi’s body. While she was inserting them, she also poured along them her xuanli with golden specks of Power of Life.

Before that, the Power of Life was used to block Murong Qingxue’s meridians, making her be unable to cultivate. Similarly, this Power of Life could be used to treat illnesses.

Murong Qingyan let the Power of Life flow along the needles to protect Qiuyuan Yi’s body from inside, because in a bit when she would be extracting this gestating flame², the flame would most likely go rampant and cause damage to Qiuyuan Yi’s internal organs. If preventive measures were not taken in advance, one feared, Qiuyuan Yi’s body would have been burned without leaving any remains.

About half an hour later, Murong Qingyan sealed up all the major points. A fine sweat glistened on her forehead.

“Master, would you like to rest some?” Seeing that Murong Qingyan was exhausted, Little White couldn’t keep silent about it: “I see that you look very tired, why not rest a bit before drawing out the flame?”

“No need.”

Gently, Murong Qingyan shook her head. When she was sealing up Qiuyuan Yi’s acupoints, she not only used her Power of Life to protect him from within but also forced the Child-flame to flee into his dantian. Now, it was imperative to bring it out as soon as possible, because, ultimately, dantian was of the utmost importance to cultivators. If the flame was left there for long, one feared, it would cause an inexplicable damage to Qiuyuan Yi’s dantian and negatively affect his future cultivation.

Murong Qingyan extended her right hand and put it directly on Qiuyuan Yi’s dantian, soon after she began to revolve xuanli in her body, sending it straight into his dantian to chase this strange flame.   

The Child-flame in Qiuyuan Yi seemed to have its own consciousness. As soon as he sensed that it was being hunted, it also started to escape, but then it noticed that it was trapped in a small place with no way to run away.


  1. I’ve looked it up, but… hehe, apparently 致晕穴 (zhìyūn xue) is a term for 11 (not 1) acupuncture points all over the human body responsible for a lot of things, amongst them staying conscious. (I’m not a specialist, if anyone knows better, please, correct me)
  2. Gestating flame, Child-flame, strange flame – are different names for the same thing, you’ve noticed. Why there are so many would be explained (somewhat) in the next part. But think of it as a gestating Divine flame or a Divine flame in its early stages of development. As for the ‘strange flame’, it is the name it goes by amongst un-enlightened masses, who don’t actually know what it is.
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