Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch95.5

Liu Pinyan wanted the youth to leave the pills in the Auction House for safekeeping because once the news of the ten third-grade pills spread out, it would cause quite a storm. If the time came, and there was some sort of accident, the auction would be unable to proceed smoothly. That would be a great blow for the Galuo Auction House.

However, the value of these ten pills is immeasurable, so he wasn’t sure that the youth would agree to leave them behind.

“Of course, I’ll leave these pills here in your care,” felt Liu Pinyan’s embarrassment in bringing this up, Murong Qingyan beat him to it, but then, hesitated: “I’ll come again on the day of the auction.”

Once he heard Murong Qingyan’s words, Liu Pinyan could finally relax: “Since Noble son Mu said so, we naturally will obey his words. The top quality auction will be held on the evening of the second day, by then we will make sure to prepare a VIP room for You on the second floor.”

Murong Qingyan nodded and stood up to leave the Auction House.

Looking at the departing back of Murong Qingyan, Liu Pinyan exhaled in relief once again. Although this Noble son surnamed Mu was young, he was, indeed, extraordinary. He treated the deal of auctioning ten third-grade Zhuji pills so blase as if he was doing grocery shopping, ah! Only that…

Liu Pinyan took a look at the vial with pills in his hands and his excitement became apparent. He could already imagine, just how much profit this deal would bring to the Auction House. Besides, there were still two days left to prepare. If he played his cards right releasing this information, the auction this time would be nothing less than perfect.

On the other side, Murong Qingyan came back to the Murong Estate after leaving Galuo Auction House with nobody being the wiser on her coming and going.

Murong Estate, Ruxue courtyard.

Murong Qingxue still stayed in her rooms to recuperate after her injuries, yet, with all the treatment, her complexion wasn’t getting better, instead, it was becoming gloomier and gloomier.

She was lying in her bed and albeit she said nothing, the sullen air around her made people unconsciously want to retreat a couple of steps away from her.

A maidservant, serving at her side, felt like bursting into tears. She didn’t why, but the personality of second miss after the Clan Assembly had changed so drastically.

Until that Clan Assembly, second young miss was a gentle lady, she treated her servants well and rarely spoke harshly to them. All the servants were envious of those who worked in the Ruxue. However, the current second miss didn’t have that previous temperament of hers, the whole person seemed extremely dour.

Furthermore, these days second miss often scolded them and beat them. As long as something wasn’t to her liking, the servants would be blamed. Now, those who worked in Ruxue had to be always on their toes, afraid of making any mistake, otherwise, if master’s ire was provoked, they would be scolded or even flogged.

Even now Murong Qingxue looked and felt wretched. Despite the fact that her marriage into Nangong family was reinstated, she neither expressed her joy, nor a fleeting smile could be seen on her face. Because up till now her cultivation was still not restored.

Until now she had always been comforting herself that Murong Qingyan was only scaring her, that as long as some time passed, her cultivation will still be there.

But as the days passed, she could no longer deceive herself or others. Her cultivation couldn’t be restored, soon she would become a waste.

Her injury had already healed by now, yet, she didn’t dare to go outside and face people, because she was worried that as soon as she took a step out of her courtyard, the matter of her disability would be discovered, and then… and then she would truly lose everything.

Thinking of all of this, Murong Qingxue couldn’t keep the surging hatred in her heart at bay. She hated Murong Qingyan, all of her sufferings these days were because of that Murong Qingyan! At the same time, she couldn’t help but blame her mother, Liu Mei. If it wasn’t for her poisoning Murong Qingyan’s food, that sister of hers wouldn’t deal such a hard hand against her. It was also because of this that these days she hadn’t called Liu Mei mother again.


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  • iRead4Fun

    Typical villainess. Blame the MC for destroying whatever they were proud of when in the first place they went about indiscriminately trying to destroy the MC multiple times in the past. Then blame the person (parents, siblings, relatives, lovers) who was only looking to pave an easier path for their success, albeit in a sinister way and at the expense of other people. Still, what an ungrateful little wretch. She dishes it but can’t take it. Geh.

    As for Qingyan… she’ll be taking over the world one pill at a time. Mwahahahahahaha!

    Thanks for the chapter, Agnie! 🙂

  • Skilvh Sil

    Thanxs for the chappie~
    Hmm.. I just realized something… Isn’t the novel name above the “IWM, ch95.5” belongs to MGSSGW…?


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