Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch 60

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   Chapter 60: Direct Promotion

Looking at the slowly walking person, the crowd felt speechless. Because the contestant who drew a blank paper was surprisingly Murong Qingyan.

Ignoring everyone’s stares, Murong Qingyan held up the paper in her hand. It was indeed blank and white, with no numbers on it. Obviously, it was an empty slip.

Feng Fei naturally knew of this Murong Qingyan. Even if he didn’t want to know, there was such a strange occurrence during the first competition, of course, he had seen it. Who would have thought that this Murong Qingyan would have such a good luck today. Amongst more than hundred paper slips there was only one blank, and it was drawn by her.

“Murong Qingyan has drawn a blank and is directly promoted to the next round.”

Although Feng Fei was surprised, he still announced the result.

Loud murmurs spread throughout the square once the name Murong Qingyan was heard. Many onlookers couldn’t help but pull down corners of their mouths. What was with this Murong Qingyan! What kind of piece of work was it, ah?! The first round, she won without lifting a finger. The second, she actually drew the only empty pass!

A lot of people looked at Murong Qingyan with a traces of curiosity in their eyes. Of course, many were also dissatisfied within their hearts, thinking it’s not fair, that Murong Qingyan, who lacked strength, got through the two rounds while relying on luck.

However, it didn’t matter what others thought in their hearts. According to the rules of the competition, Murong Qingyan passed both rounds, so she qualified for the next one.

/-In the audience above-/

“Grandfather, I’d like to leave for a bit”, Murong Qingxue respectfully said to Murong Xiong.

“Look at the time, don’t run around the place,” Murong Xiong knitted his brows. “Soon is your turn. Where do you think you’re going?”

“Grandfather, be at ease, I won’t run all over the place,” Murong Qingxue politely responded. “I just want to see my elder sister there.”

“Murong Qingyan?” Hearing her name, Murong Xiong’s eyebrows knitted tighter, a trace of disgust in his voice. “Going there to do what? She’s disgraced us enough already. Are you going to join in the fun?”

“I’m just a little worried about the elder sister,” said Murong Qingxue with an aggrieved face. “Elder sister got promoted to the next round, but it’s not going to be as easy as the first ones, so I want to persuade her to withdraw from the competition directly.”

“Then, go ahead!” Murong Xiong nodded. “Don’t let her continue being shameless here and lose even more of our Murong family’s face! Let her go back, or I won’t be lenient with her later!”

“Grandpa, rest assured, I will persuade her.”

Finishing her speech, Murong Qingxue went down the stands and walked in the direction of Murong Qingyan.

Since Murong Xiong valued Murong Qingxue’s talent, he let her sit with him in the stands above. But Murong Qingyan didn’t receive this good fortune to enjoy and had to sit with other participants of the competition.

Amidst the strange looks thrown her way and incessant talks of those around her, Murong Qingyan sat indifferently and minded neither their glances, nor arguments.

In many cases, luck was also a form of strength, so she didn’t feel that directly advancing to the next round was a bad thing. If in the next round of competition she could be directly promoted as well, she wouldn’t mind. Of course, this was just her thinking.

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