Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch61

Chapter 61: Nangong Ye’s show

Soon, the second round began, the crowd also gradually quieted down. Everyone’s attention was drawn to the competition arena above.

Muron Qingyan sat at her place, closely watching the second round. Although she had undergone a lot of training, she felt her actual combat experience was insufficient. She wasn’t very clear on Murong Qingxue’s and Nangong Ye’s strength either.

Obviously, Nangong Ye was the strongest in this competition, so in order to win it, one had to defeat him first. Currently, he was at the middle stage of Foundation Establishment, but she had yet to reach it. Murong Qingyan assessed that when the time came to cross paths with him on the arena, it would be a tough fight for her. However, no matter what, she had to win this competition.

Thinking till then, Murong Qingyan’s eyes flashed with a trace of an ambition.

“The tenth duel, Nangong Ye against Qiu Yuanqi.”

Although the second round was much better than the first one, watching it… Murong Qingyan couldn’t help but feel a bit bored because the people fighting weren’t really strong. Just as she grew bored, a loud voice pulled her attention back to the competition.

Nangong Ye was coming on the stage!

Immediately everyone grew excited and straightened up in their seats, craning their necks to see more clearly, the spectators’ previous carelessness and nonchalance vanished in the thin air. Some young ladies of the respected families, that till this moment had been honestly dozing off, looked at the handsome person on the arena and suddenly became energetic, barely holding back their shouts of joy.

Nangong Ye was of a tall stature with a straight back, handsome features, coupled with excellent talent and strength… not to mention, being a young master of the distinguished family. Just who knew, how many young ladies dreamed of being his lover? His place in the hearts of the young ladies could only compare to that of royal princes. In the eyes of all the people, the only blemish on his image was his engagement to Murong Qingyan.

However, luckily, this engagement with her was called off.

Those young ladies also knew that, even though his engagement with Murong Qingyan was broken off, the marriage agreement with Murong family still held true: only the person he was to marry changed. Despite that, there were still many girls who didn’t want to give him up.

After all, it was only an engagement. Who knew, what could happen in the future? Was his engagement with Murong Qingyan not the same earlier? Albeit Murong Qingxue was his fiancee at the moment, but until the day they had gotten married, all the young ladies would still have a chance.

Even when Nangong Ye married Murong Qingxue, one could still become his concubine! With Nangong Ye’s identity and power, they would still be willing, even if they could only become his concubines.

Faced with admiring gazes of the girls, Nangong Ye acted like he hadn’t noticed them and paid them no mind. On his lips hung a slight smile as he looked at the timid expression of his opponent.

“Actually, you don’t have to be so nervous, we’re just comparing notes. Once we’re done, I won’t make it difficult for you.”

Hearing Nangong Ye’s words, Qiu Yuanqi couldn’t help but finally feel relieved. Although Qiu Yuanqi knew he was strong, he still had a long way to go to reach Nangong Ye’s level.

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