Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch.100.1

In the blazing flame, Murong Qingyan’s little white hand seemed even more translucent and tender. However, the instant this flame appeared, these ten Rejuvenation pills that made everyone drool turned to dust.

This action horrified the onlookers. No one expected that she would just directly destroy those precious pills.

This wasn’t just some ordinary pill they were talking about, but fifth-grade Rejuvenation pills! A single fifth-grade pill was extremely hard to find, and a life-saving pill like a Rejuvenation pill particularly so. Yet now, Murong Qingyan destroyed ten of them without batting an eyelash.

Several seconds later, the flame disappeared, leaving her palm completely unharmed. The same though couldn’t have been said about those Rejuvenation pills: they vanished without a trace, even a residue dust wasn’t left.

“Murong Qingyan, are you crazy?!” Murong Xiong was unable to take it and bellowed: “You! Do you know what are you doing? You’ve actually ruined so many Rejuvenation pills!”

He simply didn’t dare to believe his eyes that right in front of him just in a couple of seconds so many Rejuvenation pills were burnt and disappeared from this world forever. Ten Rejuvenation pills! What kind of thing they were, ah! If he had those ten pills, he would have almost nothing to fear in this world.

But now, such precious pills were destroyed in the hands of Murong Qingyan.

If it wasn’t for that frightening man standing guard behind her, he would have loved nothing more but to go up to her and smack to death that unfilial descendant of his who didn’t know the worth of things.

“I certainly know what I’m doing,” a mischievous smile played on Murong Qingyan’s lips, she looked just like a little brat whose prank was successful: “Murong family head, those ten pills were mine. If I want to destroy them, why is it no good?”

Hearing Murong Qingyan seemingly innocent reply, Murong Xiong was so angry he nearly spat blood. Even if he knew deep in his heart that Murong Qingyan did it just to anger and mock him, he just couldn’t force himself to calm down when faced with such a situation.

Several elders, including Murong Rui, were also blown away by her move. Although they felt regretful about the loss of those pills, they knew they didn’t have any qualification to bring it up.

Gently patting her palms together to get rid off the dust, Murong Qingyan looked at Murong Xiong with an ice-cold gaze: “Master Murong, from now on, there is no connection between me and Murong family. However, it is me, Murong Qingyan, who is leaving Murong family and your family expelling me. From today onwards, success or demise of Murong family has nothing to do with me. Likewise, the glory my life and death brings to the world has nothing to do with Murong family.”

“However, before I leave, I’ll fully pay you back for the gift of framing me with that theft.”

People present had yet to respond when Murong Qingyan stomped with her feet and jumped in the air using xuanli, instantly summoning Earth Core Flame.  The golden flame, blazing with unbearable heat, appeared in front of her. In but a moment, a single flame divided into two, two in four, four into eight…

Very soon, there was an innumerable amount of flames burning in front of Murong Qingyan.

“Go-……” with a gentle incentive this group of flames directly flew out in different directions, quickly falling onto roofs, bushes, trees…

Suddenly, many places in Murong Estate caught fire. Yet, these flames weren’t just ordinary flames, as soon as they landed, they burned viciously.


Agnie’s corner:

6th September part. And the final part of a direct confrontation with this disgusting family. Yay.

Those who guessed about burning down Murong estate, well, this part was your lil’ present. *hides*

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