Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch.100.2

Watching the flames spread, Murong Qingyan didn’t have any changes in expression, as if what happened had nothing to do with her. She swiftly landed and walked towards Murong Qingxue, who supported herself by the hand, shrinking back.

Murong Qingyan stopped right in front of Murong Qingxue, towering above her distressed figure and said impassively: “Murong Qingxue, from now on, don’t show up.”

After that, she turned around and walked in the direction of the gate.

Huangfu Jue raised an eyebrow looking around and laughed low: ”Sure enough, little girl settles her grudges with taste!”

Saying so, he left Murong Estate following Murong Qingyan’s footsteps. Xuan Yi naturally trailed after them.

At present, Murong Rui and others had no time to spare any thought to Murong Qingyan, let alone sending people to try to hold her back. They clearly understood in their hearts that with the presence of that terrifying man, they stood no chance of moving even a hair on Murong Qingyan.

Moreover, the most important thing now was to put out the fire. If a fire as big and intense as this one wasn’t suppressed promptly, it would cause enormous losses. Besides, they knew that this Divine Flame wouldn’t be so easy to extinguish.

Murong Xiong had already fainted. When he saw Murong Qingyan setting the fire on his Estate, he felt short of breath and under psychological blow couldn’t stand it, spit out blood and instantly toppled over.

On the other hand, Murong Qingxue’s situation was not much better. Although Murong Qingyuan hadn’t caused an irreversible harm and merely five fingerprints were left on her neck, Murong Qingyan’s ice-cold appearance alone made her tremble with fear.

At this time, how she regretted it. She wanted to come and watch Murong Qingyan’s miserable end, but unexpectedly the situation became like this. Her legs grew soft and she had no strength at all, even if she wanted to leave this place, she couldn’t.

However, now no one in Murong Estate had time to pay attention to her. Murong Estate was overwhelmed by this kind of fire, so the energy of all members was focused on dousing it.

In the end, Murong Xiyi sent a couple of servants to bring Murong Qingxue back to her courtyard.

At last, with great difficulty, the fire was put out. However, it still brought a great loss to the Murong Family. Many buildings were burned down, more than a half of gardens were also burned to cinders. Fortunately, there were no casualties due to the fire, only some servants sustained burns while trying to put it out.

However, none of this had any relation to Murong Qingyan anymore. Once she stepped out of Murong Estate, she and Murong Family had completely cut their ties.

When Murong Qingyan left Murong Estate, many bystanders saw it. Perhaps, it would be right to say, that many onlookers saw the incident in Murong Estate. From the moment they heard Murong Qingyan’s loud and clear declaration, many people had their speculations.

The other three Great Families immediately sent people to inquire about the situation, and Imperial Family, of course, wasn’t of exception.

As a result, many people noticed when Murong Qingyan left Murong Estate. Moreover, after Murong Qingyan left, Murong Estate caught on fire. Although they didn’t know what exactly happened, Murong Qingyan’s sorry figure was as good explanation as any.

Naturally, they either didn’t miss Huangfu Jue and his servant’s presence, who left almost at the same time with Murong Qingyan. However, Murong Qingyan and Huangfu Jue didn’t have any signs of communication. Even when they left together, they didn’t seem to have any eye-catching exchange. Therefore, no one present was aware that Murong Qingyan and this master-servant pair had something to do with each other.


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  • iRead4Fun

    Well… that was kind of anti-climactic? Like kind of expected, I guess? I had hoped that Qingyan had outed the mother-daughter pair, but I guess out of some misguided (and totally unnecessary) filial piety towards her father that Qingyan stayed her hand. Ugh. Qingyan. At least make that idiot mother suffer for poisoning you. 😑 I know I would. 😤

    Thanks for the chapter, Agnie! 😁

  • Vampirecat

    Hooray! Thanks for the chapter. I hope your workload has settled down.

    But, dang, Qingyan, that’s it?! This girl is too repressed.

  • littlemamam

    What’s the saying, being kind to others is being hard on yourself? I would never have let them off after they tried to kill me. Tried stealing? OK burn it down. But once they had thoughts of harming me I would kill the leader and all the elders who attacked and once again crippled the brat of a half sister.


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