Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch.100.3

Soon, the three Great Families learned that Murong Family tore faces with Murong Qingyan and cut all the relations.

In the Nangong family.

Nangong Ting and Nangong Ye sat in the hall and listened to the servant’s report.

When Nangong Ting heard that Murong family severed ties with Murong Qingyan and Murong Estate caught a fire afterward, he clapped his knee and applauded loudly: “That’s really good. Hahaha, I just knew it’s not a good news for Murong family that Murong Qingyan is no longer a waste.”

Compared with Nangong Ting’s glee, Nangong Ye appeared to be calmer: “Father, it’s too early to be happy about it. I feel that this matter is not so simple.”

“No matter what has actually happened there, to us it’s good tidings,” saying so, a ruthless light flickered in Nangong Ting’s eyes: “Murong Qingyan was difficult to deal with, however, without ties to Murong family she is just a mere loose cultivator. She will not have a good end.”

Even for a moment, Nangong Ting hadn’t forgotten what had Murong Qingyan done to them, including the time she humiliated Nangong Ye, his most treasured son, at the Clan Assembly. Now that Murong Qingyan ended up this way, of course, he would be happy in his heart, very happy.

“Doesn’t father find it strange?” Nangong Ye shook his head lightly and started analyzing the situation: “Whatever has happened there, Murong people aren’t straw bags. Although Murong Qingyan didn’t seem to fare too good when leaving, Murong Estate actually caught on fire. This matter, I don’t believe it has nothing to do with her.”

Currently, Nangong Ye’s face was still pale. It was obvious that he had yet to fully convalescence after his injury.

“Whether it’s related to her or not, it doesn’t concern us,” Nangong Ting smiled happily: “To us, it’s absolutely a good thing. At the Clan Assembly, thanks to Murong Qingyan’s achievements, Murong family secured the glory of the First family. Moreover, in the next four years, it can obtain additional benefits from the Imperial Family.

Earlier I was still worried that Murong family would be able to rise due to this opportunity. However, now with the heavy losses like this, even if it has the title of the First family, what of it? It will take a while for it even to recuperate the losses.”

“I’m more curious about Murong’s approach,” Nangong Ye contemplated: “Murong Qingyan made such a scene, yet she could leave Murong Estate alive. It’s strange in itself.”

“Well, that’s an internal matter of the Murong family. It has nothing to with us,” Nangong Ting waved his hand looking at Nangong Ye: “Ye-er, now it’s crucial for you to get better as soon as possible. You have to leave for the Four Elements Academy soon. There are still branch entrance examinations¹. When the time comes, you’ll have to choose carefully, which to enroll.”

“You should keep in mind, that your performance at that time will decide the treatment you’ll get there. As for Murong family, although you have the engagement with Murong Qingxue, she’s but a shu-daughter². In the future things can change for you, so I hope that you won’t place too much importance on her in your heart.”

Originally, after the Clan Assembly he wanted to break off the marriage contract right away, but Murong Xiong, that old man, promised him that as long as they keep the engagement between their children, he would provide Nangong family a part of the benefits bestowed by the Imperial Family. Considering such a lucrative promise, Nangong Ting naturally agreed.

Albeit he complied with this agreement, in his heart he actually didn’t want precious son to marry Murong Qingxue.

At first, he also thought that Murong Qingxue, this girl, although shu-born, she had an adequate talent and her manners also were very good, so that she was a good candidate. Yet, after the Clan Assembly, he no longer maintained this outlook. Such a woman who could only be better kept under the table³, was simply not qualified to be the lady of the Nangong family.


  1. In the Academy, there are 4 branches. Whether they are separate colleges or just faculties/departments, I’m not sure yet;
  2. shu-daughter /shu-born daughter – concubine born daughter (unlike di-daughter – legitimate daughter, daughter of the main wife, for example, our Murong Qingyan);
  3. Better to be kept under the table (shàng bùliǎo táimiàn) – too inferior to show in public.


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