Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch.100.4

Besides, Ye-er was going to study at the Four Elements Academy. Perhaps, with time he would be able to meet there a higher class. When that time comes, he would be able to choose a talented young lady from a better family, how could Murong Qingxue possibly be a good match for him?

However, he was also aware of the feelings Nangong Ye held for Murong Qingxue, so he just gently reminded him, nothing more.

What Nangong Ting couldn’t believe was that after a moment of contemplation, Nangong Ye actually nodded, agreeing with him: “Father, I know what you are trying to say. Rest assured, I know what to do.”

Actually, he himself wasn’t clear just what he was thinking. Once upon a time, he thought that he liked Murong Qingxue, yet, now while he was recuperating from his injuries, the times he thought of Murong Qingxue weren’t many. Even when his father said that they were going to cancel the marriage contract, he hadn’t refuted him.

He also couldn’t figure out why would Murong Qingyan come to his mind from time to time. Although he had suffered the greatest humiliation he ever had in her hands, yet, her blue-clad figure could hardly be removed from his mind.

The heads of the Bei and Qiuyuan’s families also cheered upon receiving this news.  However, at the same time, they thought that Murong Xiong must have damaged his head to actually force Murong Qingyan to break off her relationship with Murong family.

One had to keep in mind that Murong Qingyan had just won the championship at the Clan Assembly. Such a talented person Murong family not only didn’t try to retain, but they had also cut ties with her.

Even if she didn’t care about Murong family, as long as she stayed in the family, it would boost its power. But that rigid Murong Xiong had actually broken off relations with her. If it wasn’t an indication that he was brain-damaged, then what was?

About those thoughts that others harbored, Murong Qingyan was none the wiser. By that time she had already arrived at a manor in the outskirts.

Gazing at the person sitting in front of her, Murong Qingyan kept thinking that her head must have been hit too hard before, to think that she actually followed him here.

She didn’t know what actually happened to her. Right after leaving Murong Estate she subconsciously followed Huangfu Jue and arrived at this manor.

The manor was enormous and the scenery here was very beautiful. Apart from not seeing even a shadow of other people or servants here, everything was wonderful. But she just couldn’t fathom for what reason did she come Huangfu Jue’s abode. Although Huangfu Jue helped her this time as well, they weren’t familiar with each other.

“Who are you after all?” Murong Qingyan looked at the man sitting in front of her, her eyes flickering with doubts: “Why would you save me again and again?”

Murong Qingyan had a sense of self-awareness, so she was certain that he didn’t save her because he had some inexplicable feelings for her. Not to mention that they were of completely different statuses and backgrounds, her current looks wouldn’t be able to arouse an inch pity in any man’s heart.

Yet, the man in front of her actually saved her, and not once but twice. The first time during her fusion with the Divine Flame and the second time was tonight. It could be said that if it wasn’t for this man’s interference, it would have been impossible to predict whether she would have been able to survive either occasion.

“Have I not told you before?” Huangfu Jue’s lips hooked in a smile: “I’m Huangfu Jue. As for why I’ve saved you because I was in a good mood.”

I was in a good mood? That was one invincible reasoning.

Murong Qingyan couldn’t suppress the twitch of her lips, however, she still spoke up: “It doesn’t matter what was your reason, you’ve saved me twice. This grace, I’ll remember.”

Huangfu Jue carelessly waved it off: “Right, that little pet of yours. Why did it not appear during such a critical time tonight? Those of Murong family aren’t its match at all.”

While Huangfu Jue spoke, his brow wrinkled in displeasure, it was obvious he thought of Little White as an incompetent beast, so he was not happy.


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