Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch.100.5

Murong Qingyan didn’t know why he was unhappy but she felt that she had to defend Little White: “Lil’ White has absorbed some strong power a few days ago and fell in a deep slumber. Also, Little White is not my little pet, Little White is my contracted beast and a friend.”

“What are you going to do now?” Huangfu Jue didn’t take note of Murong Qingyan’s meaning and continued to ask: “There’s absolutely no way for you to go back to the Murong family. Where do you want to go?”

“I have been planning to leave Murong family for some time already,” Murong Qingyan didn’t display any sign sadness upon mentioning her fallout with the family: “It just happened a little bit ahead of time. This was a good opportunity to leave, that’s why I grabbed it. Besides, I have to go to the Four Elements Academy, so I’m going to set off as soon as possible.”

“En,” Huangfu Jue nodded: “Since that’s the case, then I’ll go with you! I have nothing to do anyway.”

Xuan Yi, who was diligently standing like a statue behind Huangfu Jue, couldn’t press down the twitch of his mouth.

His master was truly too easy-going, if it was called nothing, then what was something, ah! In the first place, he had come to this continent due to that matter. The chaos almost broke out over there, yet his master still acted leisurely and worry-free. He worried himself sick but didn’t dare to bring it up with his master, because his master didn’t like when others spoke out of turn.

“No need,” Murong Qingyan refused without thinking: “I can go by myself.”

“I’m going not because of you,” Huangfu Jue didn’t bat an eyelash upon Murong Qingyan’s rejection: “Now that I have nothing to do, I feel too idle. Besides, I think that if I go with you, something amusing will definitely crop up.”

Murong felt as if black lines popped up on her forehead. There, he said there that something amusing would happen if he followed her, ah! That, did he treat her as a toy?

However, since he put it like this, Murong Qingyan didn’t have a way to refute. Moreover, Huangfu Jue was exceptionally strong. Traveling with such a dependable person she would feel safe and secure. And not only Huangfu Jue himself would be with her, but also that stiff bodyguard of his who had yet to drop a word was not a simple character. This way she would have two free bodyguards all to herself!

If Huangfu Jue knew what was going through Murong Qingyan’s head right now, he would surely blow his top. To think that such a magnificent personage as him would be treated as a simple bodyguard!

At that time, Murong Qingyan didn’t realize that trust in Huangfu Jue was a bit unusual. A person like her who was always wary of people and their intentions unexpectedly put away her vigilance when it came to him. It was inexplicable.

Perhaps, because Huangfu Jue saved her twice, she subconsciously felt that he wouldn’t hurt her.

On the other side of the city, Murong Estate wasn’t so tranquil.

In the Ruxue courtyard:

The moment Liu Mei saw Murong Qingxue being brought into her chambers, she grew pale as a white sheet, feeling frightened to the core. She hastily went up to Murong Qingxue to check up on her. To her surprise, she noticed that Murong Qingxue didn’t get injured much and finally could feel relieved.

She waved her hand and let the servants retreat.

Liu Mei stayed in her rooms all this time, so she wasn’t clear what had happened in the Estate. Although she heard loud noises from the outside, because of the ghost in her heart1, she didn’t dare to go out and inquire about it so as not to draw suspicion.


  1. Ghost in the heart (xīn li yǒu guǐ, a secret/ulterior motive, a guilty conscience) – most common meaning is a guilty conscience or something that pricks conscience. But Liu Mei actually doesn’t have a guilty conscience, so the fear that criminal feels is more likely to fit her here.


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14th September part.

Fufufu. Huangfu Jue. So sleek of you, fufufu.

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