Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch.101 p.1

“Family head, do you know what you are doing?” Once Murong Qingxue left, Murong Rui couldn’t hold it any longer: “The qualifications for the Four Elements Academy, do we have any say in it?”

“That’s right! And that matter with the Rejuvenation pill!” Murong Li’s complexion also sunk to the deepest bottom: “You didn’t question a thing!”

“All we have is Murong Qingyan’s claim,” Murong Xiong explained calmly: “She has already turned our family upside-down, and you still think her words are credible? Also, among the younger generation, Xue-er’s talent is one of the best. In regards to our Murong family future, sending her to the Four Elements Academy is the right choice.”

“Family head, I understand that due to the recent events you hold an extreme hostility towards Murong Qingyan,” Murong Rui sighed deeply and spoke up: “However, it was Murong Qingyan earned the entrance qualifications upon her victory at the Clan Assembly. This is not something you can just brush off with a few words and pass it to Xue-er.”

“Grand elder doesn’t need to bring it up again,” Murong Xiong obstinately clung to his decision: “Even if Murong Qingyan was the one to claim victory, so what? At that time she was still a member of Murong family, therefore that spot belongs to Murong family. Because of Murong Qingyan, our Murong family suffered such a loss and went up against her masters and ancestors, how could such a person have qualifications to enter the Four Elements Academy?”

“Family head, there has never been such a precedent before,” Murong Xin shook his head, saying: “If you let Xue-er go there and the Four Elements Academy won’t admit her, what will we do?”

“That won’t happen,” Murong Xiong’s eyes flashed darkly: “Later, the Four Elements Academy will send down the admittance letter to our Murong family. Murong Qingyan has already left the family, so naturally, she doesn’t have a right to claim it.”

“Family head, you doing it like this… are you not worried about outsiders gossiping?” Murong Rui couldn’t suppress a sigh and shook his head: “Also, this matter with the Rejuvenation pill apparently has nothing to do with Murong Qingyan and you still make her bear this rumor, I’m worried that…”

“Humph! If I don’t do this, our Murong family face will be swept to the floor!” Murong Xiong’s expression turned cold: “Moreover, Murong Qingyan had already broken off relations with our Murong family, if she studies at the Four Elements Academy, it’s absolutely of no advantage to us. Worst of all, it could also bring a disaster upon our family. As I’ve said, we might as well let Murong Qingxue take her place and let her help our family in the future.”

It was out of the question that he would let Murong Qingyan get what she wished for easily. Therefore, even if he was aware that Murong Qingxue might have had a hand in the theft of Rejuvenation pill, he still chose not to hold her accountable. Murong family had already suffered such a calamity, it wasn’t a good time to look into that matter.

Besides, Murong Qingxue was an obedient girl compared to that scourge Murong Qingyan. Nurturing Murong Qingxue into a Murong family’s backup was his goal.

Taking into consideration the stubbornness Murong Xiong displayed, Murong Rui and others could only sigh. It wouldn’t be of use to say more.

Although they were elders, Murong Xiong was the head of the family. Furthermore, that might have been indeed a good way to resolve the situation! At the very least, Murong Qingxue’s mind was firmly set on Murong family. As for the things to come, they could be dealt with when they come.

In another place, Murong Qingxue, with her bouncy gait and a wide smile, was returning to her courtyard.

All the while Murong Qingxue was in the main hall, Liu Mei was in a perturbed state of mind, her heart jumping up and down. She had even made a decision, if worst came to pass and their misdeed got exposed, she would take all the blame. No matter what, she wouldn’t let Murong Qingxue have a mishap.


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  • A random fish in the sea

    I really hope that admittance never reaches the Murong Family, seeing as it was meant for Murong Qingyan from the start. After all, they wouldn’t be so stupid as to let Murong Qingxue enter the academy just because Murong Qingyan is no longer part of the Murong Family. In fact, sending her there for a reason like that is directly undermining the academy’s authority and just blatantly slapping them across the face. It wouldn’t be strange even if they, not only deny her entry, but directly kick her out and even take away the Murong Family’s right to ever apply anyone of their own in the academy again. Does Murong Xiong really not realise the risk he’s taking by pulling a stunt like this? And once more, if Murong Qingxue is allowed in the academy for such a stupid reason, then I will really have to question the author’s sanity…

    And all that aside, What does he even mean Murong Qingyan is a scourge? Was she supposed to just let everybody torment and humiliate her all they want and just obediently stay quiet in the corner? They have been making an enemy out of her from the very start, how can he expect her NOT to retaliate?! Honestly, no wonder the Murong Family is in decline~ With Murong Xiong as their head, the only future the Murong Family has is a dark one…

    • Phour

      … I think this entire family’s head is filled with cotton… What are they putting in the incence? It has to be some good stuff that disconnects the user from reality. I could use some! Lol

    • Vampirecat

      Considering Qingyan’s very public announcement of her cutting ties with the Murong family, it would be strange if the emperor still had sent her acceptance letter sent to the Murong family. I do wonder how the author will handle this.

  • littlemamam

    I hope it does go to the family and then they try something and the imperial family gets involved and all the “first family” treasures will get sent to her and the grandfather will get in trouble for lying to the emperor or something. Please chapters it’s time for their demise!


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