Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch.101 p.2

Just when Liu Mei’s anxiety was at its peak, Murong Qingxue had finally come back. So she hurried to her: “Xue-er, how was it? Why did the family head summon you?”

“It’s alright,” Murong Qingxue shook her head, smiling. She flicked her hand and let the servants disperse, leaving the room empty apart from the mother and daughter duo.

“Xue-er, in the end, what did they say? Come on, tell me, ah!”

Seeing Murong Qingxue’s action, Liu Mei’s heart was ill at ease. At the moment she was so worried that she didn’t even notice her daughter’s happy expression.

“Everything is fine,” waiting until they were left, Murong Qingxue replied with a smile: “Several elders questioned me about the Rejuvenation pill, but because there was no evidence and my stalwart refusal to confess, they couldn’t do anything.”

“That’s good,” finally, Liu Mei could let out a breath of relief: “With this, we should be clear of suspicion in the matter of theft. However, these days we still have to be careful, lest we reveal some clues.”

“Mother, it’s not yet the most important thing!” Murong Qingxue was unable to hold back her excitement any longer, she pulled Liu Mei’s hand and twittered with elation: “Grandfather said that he would let me take Murong Qingyan’s spot and go to the Four Elements Academy instead of her!”

“Is that true?” Liu Mei didn’t really put her mind into Murong Qingxue’s words at first, however, as soon as she got their meaning, her eyes grew big and she clasped Murong Qingxue’s hand between hers. With impatient eagerness, she asked her daughter: “What did you say? Family head let you study at the Four Elements Academy?”

Liu Mei couldn’t believe Murong Qingxue’s words. The matter with Rejuvenation pill had been settled, and she was already more than satisfied. But now Xue-er brought her such great news, could it possibly be true?

“Yes, he did,” Murong Qingxue nodded vigorously: “Family head told me to make sufficient preparations. He also told me that I will be able to practice the restricted area of the family so that I could strive for a breakthrough before I leave for the Academy.”

“That’s incredible!” Liu Mei was delighted: “Looks like this time we benefited the most from the mess Murong Qingyan made, ah! It’s just…”

It seemed that Liu Mei had thought of something and her expression turned worried once again: “Although family head let you take Murong Qingyan’s place, what would you do if she goes to the Academy as well? I’m afraid that if you two meet, it won’t bode well for you.”

As Murong Qingxue listened to Liu Mei’s worries, she couldn’t fight the shudder when she remembered how Murong Qingyan threatened her several days ago. However, in the end, her vanity overturned her fear: “Since grandfather said so, naturally, he will arrange everything accordingly. I won’t let go of this opportunity no matter what. As long as I can study at the Academy, I’ll definitely be able to become one of the top experts.”

“En,” Liu Mei nodded and her expression became gentle as if she recalled something: “Originally, your father has studied at the Azure Dragon Academy.”

Murong Qingxue nodded but didn’t say anything else. She had already made up her mind and muttered darkly in her heart that under no circumstances she would let go of this golden opportunity.

On the other hand, Murong Qingyan didn’t know what fancy hit Murong Qingxue this time. Moreover, she didn’t even know that you still needed an admittance letter to go to the Four Elements Academy.

At this point in time, she had already set out on her journey to the Academy. Undoubtedly, a self-proclaimed idler Huangfu Jue stuck with her. However, the bodyguard known as Xuan Yi, didn’t follow them. Apparently, Huangfu Jue let him deal with some matters.

Murong Qingyan didn’t question him about it. Although Huangfu Jue saved her twice, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the two of them were unfamiliar with each other. Naturally, it was impossible for her to ask such personal things.


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