Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch.101 p.4

By then, Murong Qingyan had already figured out earth bear’s attack pattern. When its attack was about to reach her, she leaped away, landing on top of the earth bear’s body and without any hesitation drove her small sword directly into its body.

The skin of the earth bear was truly thick. Murong Qingyan used a lot of strength but she couldn’t pierce it very deeply. Although she managed to injure it, the damage she dealt wasn’t fatal.

The abrupt pain made earth bear’s eyes turn red and it glared at the human in front of it, its eyes glowed with crazed violence. Being injured by this kind of human was simply intolerable.

“Aoooo!” The earth bear roared and attacked Murong Qingyan with all its might.

This time Murong Qingyan didn’t dodge: her eyes stared straight at the earth bear, the grip on her sword tightened.

Just as the earth bear was about to hit her, she extended her hands and parried its blow. It was so strong that she felt her chest tremble with aftershock, a fishy taste rose up in her throat and the blood overflowed from the corner of her mouth.

She didn’t hesitate even for a moment as she turned her wrist and thrust her sword, piercing the earth bear’s neck, and immediately drew it back out, then she jumped back and landed several meters away from the earth bear.

The Earth Core’s flame reinforced her small sword made it scorching hot and when the sword plunged into the earth bear’s neck, it left a very deep wound. Blood splattered from the earth bear’s neck, as it struggled with its last bits of strength, yet, soon, it breathed its last.

Seeing that the earth bear lost its last signs of life, Murong Qingyan finally let herself relax. In the aftermath of the fight, her body was covered in dust from head to toes. On her clothes were stains of eath bear’s blood, some drops of it were also on her face. Not to mention that earlier her own blood dripped down her chin. All in all, she cut quite a sorry figure.

It revealed a striking contrast with Huangfu Jue who played a role of cheerleader on the side: he still looked the same as before they set foot in the forest, bright, neat and handsome. You couldn’t find a speck of dirt on his whole person.

Watching closely Murong Qingyan’s response and decision making, Huangfu Jue’s eyes flashed with a touch of admiration. This girl’s explosive power was pretty good. After going through the power-up, it was impossible to tell what heights she would reach.

Murong Qingyan didn’t say anything about Huangfu Jue playing a cool and detached bystander. Originally, she intended to practice in this forest, so she felt the happiest with Huangfu Jue’s approach. What’s more, she didn’t have any relationship with him, so him not interfering was only natural.

Once Murong Qingyan stopped gasping, she got up, walked to the earth bear’s corpse, used her small sword to directly cut through its fur and took out its core.

In the next half a month Murong Qingyan encountered all kinds of magical beasts. Along with the growth of her combat experience, the level of the magical beasts she fought was getting higher and higher as did her cultivation. Merely in a half month’s time she had broken through the critical juncture and advanced to the Heart Tempering1 period, and not only that, she also reached its middle stage. She was quite satisfied with such speed of progress.

Huangfu Jue had always stayed by her side. If the magical beast they met was of too high-level for her to deal with, he dealt with it in her place.

After this half a month, Murong Qingyan felt as valiant as ever, however, the same couldn’t be said about her clothes: her dress was tattered and ruined. Because Huangfu Jue always followed her closely, she never had a chance to sneak into her space to wash up and change clothes. As a result, she looked particularly miserable.

On the other hand, as before, Huangfu Jue was clad in his pristine black robe, not a speck of dust could be seen on it. And just as before, he still looked like an aloof emperor walking amongst mortals.

Just the contrast between the two of them could make her die from the excessive anger, ah!

Looking at the clear and fresh appearance of Huangfu Jue, Murong Qingyan couldn’t help but rage in her heart.


  1. Heart Tempering (心动期, xīndòng qī)


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