Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch.101 p.5

After she beat down yet another magical beast, she sliced up its meat, lit a fire with her Divine flame and started roasting it. This half a month she had been preserving on gudan1 to maintain her physical strength. However, even if gudan helped her keep up her strength, it couldn’t stop her from craving some meat.

Huangfu Jue sat down beside her. He didn’t say a word, neither did he look at her. No one could tell what was on his mind.

Shooting a glance at the man beside her, Murong Qingyan’s eyes flickered with doubts. She just couldn’t figure out why would Huangfu Jue always choose to stay close to her.

Not to mention, he had helped her numerous times these past weeks. When she could handle magical beasts on her own, he would never lift a finger to interfere, letting her gain experience on her own. However, when she encountered beasts that she had no way to deal with, Huangfu Jue would get rid of them without any hesitation, not wasting even a moment.

While Murong Qingyan was preoccupied with her musings, she felt some fluctuations from her space. She couldn’t suppress a hint of joy in her heart, could it be…?

“Master,” a soft sticky voice rang out, as a white furball emerged from her space and dropped right into Murong Qingyan’s arms.

“Little White, you’ve finally woken up!” Confirming with her own eyes that Little White was awake and conscious, delight was plain to see on Murong Qingyan’s face.

“Master, I’m sorry, I’ve made you worried,” Little White knew that his sudden slumber would make Murong Qingyan uneasy, so he lowered his head, his eyes filled with remorse: “If it weren’t for me being so voracious, I wouldn’t…”

“So you also know that you are a glutton!” Murong Qingyan rubbed Little White’s head and said with a smile: “You dare to eat just about anything, not fearing an indisgestion2! Luckily, that drop of Heavenly Water wasn’t harmful and there are no lasting issues.”

“Right, now that you’ve digested the Heavenly Water drop, was it of any use to you?”

Saying so, Murong Qingyan picked up Little White straight away and started to examine him from head to toe, yet, she didn’t notice any changes about him. However, when she looked into his eyes, she noticed that they turned ocean blue color.

“Little White, your eyes…”

“Oh, Master, don’t worry about the eyes,” Little White looked really excited: “The effect of the Heavenly Water was really great, but I don’t know how to explain it to Master. One day you’ll see it for yourself. Also, due to the Heavenly Water’s power, I was able to awaken many of my memories. I’ll tell you all about them.”

“But, uhm, wait… where are we?”

During his explanation, Little White finally discovered that they seemed to be… not in their little courtyard at the Murong Estate. The moment he woke up in Master’s space, the first thing he thought of was to see his Master, hence he didn’t check their surroundings carefully and directly jumped out. Now, he finally found out that something wasn’t right.

As he was observing their surroundings, he noticed Huangfu Jue sitting there and his fur instantly stood on its ends, his whole body stiffened.

“He… He… How can he be here?” Little White swallowed his saliva and opened his mouth to ask with difficulty.

“Noisy,” Huangfu Jue shot Little White a look, making the latter instantly shut up and not dare to make the slightest sound. Even his breathing became cautious.

Seeing the ruthless eyes of the man, Little White felt that he couldn’t even take a smooth breath. This man was extremely formidable and just as dangerous. This was his sole thought at the moment. Although he had met him only once before, the impression he got from this man would stay with him forever.

Why was this man here? Also, what happened between him and his Master, ah?  Even though the two of them didn’t even look at each other, but he could actually sense that there was some unnoticeable chemistry between them.

What actually happened while he was in hibernation?! How come he felt like he slumbered not just half a month but a hundred years, ah!


  1. Gudan – a pill that supplies a person with a required amount energy to sustain life and daily activities.
  2. In the text, it was directly stated as ‘diarrhea’ (part of coll.). But, uh, my sensibilities rebelled against it.


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