Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch.102 p.1

“I’ll tell you about it another time,” Murong Qingyan smiled and shook her head: “A lot of things happened these days, I won’t be able to share all of it with you in a short time. Some time later, I’ll tell you all about it, I promise. ”

“Alright, Master,” Little White nodded cleverly: “Oh, right, where are we after all?”

While he spoke, he noticed that their surroundings were dark and gloomy, it seemed like… a forest?

“We are in the Dark Forest,” Murong Qingyan replied: “We are on our way to the Four Elements Academy.”

Little White scratched his head in confusion but didn’t ask again. Moreover, he didn’t even have the mind to inquire. At this moment, all his attention was completely drawn to the tantalizing aroma.

Following this aroma, he spotted a fire, above which greasy, golden yellow pieces of meat were roasting. Immediately, it seemed as if Little White was already drooling.  

Looking at Little White’s gluttonous appearance, Murong Qingyan laughed in spite of herself: “Little White, how about paying attention to your image, ah!”

But Little White didn’t respond to Murong Qingyan’s teasing. At this time, his heart and mind were solely entranced by meat, meat! How he hated he couldn’t just grab this meat and gnaw at it.

Murong Qingyan shook her head in a good humor and didn’t tease him again. Instead, she took out various seasonings and sprinkled them on the meat, flipping it over once in a while.

Little White single-mindedly stared at the roasting meat, his eyes firmly fixed on the biggest slab, his saliva almost overflowing.

Huangfu Jue, who was sitting to the side, meaningfully stared at Little White, it seemed as if his eyes were slightly narrowed and the deep thoughts in them couldn’t be discerned.

However, fortunately, all Little White’s beastie thoughts were placed on the roast meat, otherwise, if he had actually noticed Huangfu Jue’s glare, one feared that he’d run as swift as an arrow into his master’s space to save his hide!

This mouth-watering aroma not only ordered Little White’s full attention but also brought over some unexpected guests.

“Chen guanjia¹, big brother², Huang-ge³, come quick! I told you, someone was roasting meat here!”

A delicate, charming voice rang out, following which several figures appeared in Murong Qingyan’s kine of sight.

There was a total of four people coming their way. The oldest of them was a middle-aged man, who looked at the three youngsters in front of him with care and respect. Apart from him, there were two young men and a girl in the group.

One of the young men was slightly taller than the other, handsome and of a graceful stature. Hiding under thick and long eyelashes, a pair of limpid and gentle eyes created an illusion as if they were about to drip water. They were a perfect highlight to his smart and handsome face; some of his long hair covered his bright and clean forehead. His white clothes accentuated his exquisite skin. All in all, he looked like a modest gongzi4.

Another young man was clad in an elegant ice-blue silk robe, which was embroidered with snow-white bamboo leaves, a jade hairpin that was tucked in his hair on top of his head, seemed to enhance his refined and unconcerned smile. It was a kind of smile that belonged to a frivolous easy-going youngster. His chin was slightly uplifted, his almond-shaped eyes glimmered with radiance.

Followed them a young lady of 17 or 18 years of age. She had a pink dress on. A gorgeous and complicated design of elegant and flowing like water golden peach blossom pattern was delicately embroidered on the hem of the dress. The girl herself was tall and slim, her fine black hair was pulled in a bun, held together by a fine jade hairpin and accessories. The collar of her dress was slightly open, revealing a curve of a graceful and slender white neck. A baby blue lining on the pink dress enlivened her skin, making it appear snow-white. With an addition of smile that graced her lips, she looked beautiful and flamboyant.

The one who spoke a moment ago was this girl. Soon, she arrived in front of Murong Qingyan and when her eyes fell on the conspicuous birthmark on Qingyan’s right cheek, a trace of disgust flashed in her eyes.

“Hey, ugly, we want to buy this roast meat. State the price!” The girl in a pink dress stood in front of Murong Qingyan and spoke arrogantly.


  1. Guan1jia3 (管家) – butler, housekeeper
  2. Da4ge1 (大哥) – eldest brother, big brother
  3. Ge1ge (哥哥) – elder brother
  4. Gong1zi3 (公子) – son of nobility or an official; also a way of address to one.


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4th October part.

At first, I wanted to comment that descriptive chapters take twice if not thrice as much time as any other, then I wanted to mention that when I was translating description of the first guy, I thought I misread it and he was actually a girl. It made me feel so behind the times. But then… then I got to that last phrase and the only thought was left: hell, hubby’s gonna make someone eat dirt. (he’d better)

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