Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch.95.6

“You go out first.”

Liu Mei pushed the door and came into the room, saying to the servant girl with a wave of her hand.

Hearing Liu Mei’s words, the servant girl felt as she had just received an amnesty, she scrambled to quickly get out of the room, fearing if she left just a moment too late, she be ordered to stay back.

Once the servant left, Liu Mei discreetly surveyed the room, locked the door, and came to sit on Murong Qingxue’s bedside.

“What have you come here for?” Not a speck of respect for her mother was seen or heard from Murong Qingxue, if there was any emotion in her words, then it was resentment.

“Xue-er, we can restore your cultivation right now,” seeing Murong Qingxue’s attitude, Lie Mei felt somewhat bitter and painful in her heart, however, she quickly explained her purpose of coming: “I’ve told you before, I’ll definitely help you recover your cultivation.”

“Really?” Murong Qingxue grew excited hearing Liu Mei’s words: “Have you truly found a solution?”

Lie Mei nodded, carefully taking a small jade bottle out of her sleeve pocket, and poured out of it a soft glossy dark colored pill. Shockingly, a five star mark was barely visible on the pill, confirming that it was a fifth-grade pill. Once the pill was out, a strong medicinal aroma spread out.

“This… Is this…?” Once Murong Qingxue this pill in Liu Mei’s hands, her expression didn’t show a bit of joy, instead, she looked panic-stricken: “H-how come it’s in your hands? Do you not want to live anymore? It’s Murong Family’s most valuable treasure! If Grandfather knows about it, both of us will die!”

“Don’t worry, no one will ever find out about it,” said Liu Mei: “Xue-er, as long as you use this Rejuvenation pill, your cultivation will quickly recover. And not only that, maybe your cultivation would even rise!”

Indeed, at the moment, in Liu Mei’s hands was a real fifth-grade Rejuvenation pill. This pill was stashed away in Murong Family’s treasury for years. Most people didn’t even know that Murong Family had one in its possession.

This Rejuvenation pill, as the name suggested, could help a person recover from multiple injuries in the shortest time. Even a person who was unable to cultivate ate this pill, he or she could have their meridians cleared and, consequently, achieve a physique that allowed that person to cultivate.

The reason Murong Qingxue knew about it, was that she inadvertently heard Murong Xiong talking about it, and later she told Liu Mei about it.

However, she had never imagined that Liu Mei would actually get her hands on it and bring it here.

“I’m asking you now, where did you get this Rejuvenation pill?” Murong Qingxue’s expression turned even more grave: “Tell me exactly, how did you get his pill?!”

“It’s alright, Xue-er, don’t worry about where this pill came from,” Liu Mei shook her head, saying: “You should only care about the fact that this pill can restore your cultivation.”

“Bring that pill back wherever you got it from right now!” Murong Qingxue urgently hurried her mother: “While no one had yet discovered it’s theft, take it back. Act quickly!”

“Xue-er, what nonsense are you saying!” Liu Mei looked at her daughter inconceivably: “Do you have any idea how much effort I spent just to get it, and you want me to put it back now!”

Liu Mei couldn’t believe her ears. If it weren’t for Xue-er’s sake to help her recover her cultivation, she would have never taken such a great risk to steal it. And now, her daughter wants her to return it.

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