Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch.95.9

However, what made Murong Qingyan surprised wasn’t the fact that she saw Murong Qingxue outside, but that her cultivation base was restored.

“Oh, isn’t this my elder sister!” Murong Qingxue came closer and pleasantly called out to Murong Qingyan, yet her expression was sinister: “Lately I hadn’t seen elder sister.”

“But it’s understandable, elder sister had won at Clan Assembly, so she now has a distinguished status in the Family. Surely, Grandfather values elder sister a lot now.”

Murong Qingxue was clearly taunting her. Who in the Murong family didn’t yet that despite the fact that Murong Qingyan had gotten the first place in the tournament, she still didn’t receive any appreciation and was treated the same way as before. Master Murong even got terribly mad at her.

Murong Qingxue wanted to embarrass Murong Qingyan with her words, she wanted her to know that even though she won in the Assembly, she still was nothing compared to her, Murong Qingxue.

“Murong Qingxue, did you block my way just to talk about this nonsense?” There were no ripples in Murong Qingyan’s expression due to Murong Qingxue’s provocative words: “If you’re done, make  way.”

She didn’t have any feelings for Murong family, so, of course, she wouldn’t care what position she had in it.

“Hmph, Murong Qingyan, you shouldn’t be so proud of yourself,” Murong Qingxue coldly laughed and looking at Murong Qingyan, added complacently: “Didn’t you say before that I would be unable to cultivate anymore? Take a look, isn’t my cultivation base is back?”

“Murong Qingyan, one day I’ll let you experience the shame you brought upon me. I’ll definitely make you pay me back for all the humiliation with interest.”

“So what if you have recovered your cultivation?” Murong Qingyan smiled callously: “You were once defeated by me. The present you… is your cultivation actually higher than mine? Murong Qingxue, before showing off, you should first understand the situation clearly, ok?”

“You-,” Murong Qingxue go startled for a moment, before quickly regaining her composure: “Murong Qingyan, you shouldn’t be so self-confident. Although my cultivation isn’t lower than yours at the moment, my status in Murong family is like Heaven and Earth compared to yours. In time, I’ll definitely surpass you.”

“Well, do your best then,” a corner of Murong Qingyan’s lips raised in a meaningful smile: “Soon, I’ll be going to the Four Elements Academy. So, if you want to surpass me, I’m afraid, it won’t be so easy for you.”

Ignored Murong Qingxue’s ugly look, Murong Qingyan sidestepped her and left.

However, upon returning to her courtyard, a smiling expression on Murong Qingyan’s face vanished and the atmosphere around her became heavy: “Lil’ White, come out.”

Hearing Murong Qingyan’s summons, Little White came out of the space without delay.

“Lil’ White, Murong Qingxue has restored her cultivation,” Murong Qingyan came straight to the point.

“Impossible!” Little White responded subconsciously: “Master, you’ve used Power of Life on her, blocking her meridians. It’s impossible for her to cultivate again in this lifetime.”

Little White was very confident about this specific role of Power of Life.  

“She has truly restored her cultivation,” Murong Qingyan confirmed her statement: “I’ve just seen her, so I’m sure of it.”

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