Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch.96.1

“The Power of Life blocked the meridians which are responsible for the circulation of energy. There’s no way to solve this problem,” Little White wrinkled his brows, deep in thought. After a while, he added: “But affairs of the world are not absolute but ever changing. If Murong Qingxue got a hold of a high-grade pill, perhaps, it could help her recover.”

Murong Qingyan creased her eyebrow: “I don’t know how she managed to restore her cultivation, but I’m sure there’s something fishy about it.”

“Master, then, why don’t we put her in her place again?” suggested Little White: “I don’t believe she will have a chance to make a comeback once more!”

“No,” Murong Qingyan shook her head gently: “In the first place, at that time I did so to warn Liu Mei, moreover, it happened under public scrutiny. Now that she had restored her cultivation, accounts between us are also cleared. As long as she doesn’t provoke me in the future, I won’t bother with her.”

When Little White heard her, he had nothing to say.


The day of the Top-quality auction of Galuo Auction House finally arrived.

However, compared to the previous auctions, this one appeared to be even livelier. Already from the first light people from the influential families crowded at the entrance of the Auction House, fearing that they would miss out on the event.

As the time neared, the members of influential families gradually flowed into the building. But the most eye-catching thing was that Masters of the Four Great Families came in person. Such a line-up was definitely unprecedented.

Naturally, since the Heads of Four Great Families were in attendance, courtesy obliged them to greet each other.

“Oh, isn’t it Head of Nangong Family!” Qiuyuan Lishang smiled widely: “What winds brought you here?”

“Ah, so it’s the Head of Qiuyuan Family!” a smile also hung all over Nangong Ting’s face: “I’ve merely come to take a look, nothing more. What about Qiuyuan Head? It seems like there is a rare treasure being auctioned today.”

“Eh, what about it? I’ve come just to enjoy a lively atmosphere and let the younger generation gain experience in such things. Yi-er, come, greet the Head of Nangong family.”

“This one of younger generation greets Master Nangong,” Qiuyuan Yi respectfully complied with his father’s direction.

“So Qiuyuan Yi is actually here!” Nangong Ting appeared like a benevolent elder: ”I’ve heard that your son’s health wasn’t that good lately! Was it because of the wounds he received earlier? We hope that you won’t hold it against us, in the ring fist has no eyes. I apologize in place of my son here.”

Hearing Nangong Ting’s mention his son’s loss to Nangong Ye, for a moment, a hint of annoyance flashed through Qiuyuan Lishang’s eyes, but as quickly disappeared, he parried with his trademark smile: “Head of Nangong family is too polite. Oh, that’s right! This one doesn’t know, whether your son’s wounds have gotten better? After all, he was so heavily injured at the competition, he really needs to take good care to recuperate well.”

Hmph! You’d mocked my son for losing, why didn’t you take a look at your own? Although my son lost to yours, yet, hadn’t your own son lost to a girl, hmph! What was so great about it.

Sure enough, upon Qiuyuan Lishang’s words, Nangong Ting’s expression sank and he instantly opened his mouth to counter: “Oh, right, I’ve heard your son’s body is frail due to a persistent illness. If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be better for him to rest well at home, what to do if there’s an outbreak while he is out.”

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