Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch.96.2

It was a well-known fact, that although Qiuyuan family’s Qiuyuan Yi had an excellent talent, he could die anytime due to an outbreak of an inborn illness.

Nangong Ting thought to make Qiuyuan Lishang uncomfortable mentioning Qiuyuan Yi’s condition, yet he didn’t expect that not only Qiuyuan didn’t grow angry, he even smiled.

“Oh, this one is afraid, Master Nangong’s information is somewhat not up-to-date!” Qiuyuan Lishang responded with a casual smile: “Actually, my son’s luck recently turned for the better. Some time ago, he had a luck to meet an honored person, who was gracious enough to treat his illness. Now, Yi-er’s health is already fully recovered.”


Hearing Qiuyuan Lishang’s words, Nangong Ting was taken aback. Indeed, when he looked at Qiuyuan Yi, he noticed some difference. Before, whenever he had seen him, the youth always looked wan and weak.

But the current Qiuyuan Yi was completely different from his old anemic self: the whole person with his ruddy complexion gave off the feeling of a young healthy man.

“Is that so?” Nangong Ting forced himself to look happy and congratulate them: “That’s great! This matter is truly worthy of celebration. Head of Qiuyuan family should have let us know earlier so that we could celebrate with you, ah!”

“It’s just a small thing, what is the need there to bother others with it,” Qiuyuan Lishang tried hard to suppress his joy: “Well then, we will not  trouble Master Nangong any longer.”

After this conventional greeting and small talk, both parties made to go to their respective private rooms. However, as soon as they turned their backs to each other, both of their faces almost simultaneously fell.  

Qiuyuan Lishang inwardly grumbled coldly: Want to fight over that thing with me? Dream on!

Likewise, Nangong Ting sneered grimly: Fancying the same thing as me? First, check whether you have enough money! Things that Nangong family set its eyes upon, no one else could dream of snatching!

However, this altercation was brief and went unnoticed by other guests.

One of the VIP-rooms on the second floor

Under a guidance of Auction House representative, Murong Qingyan had already walked in the VIP-room.

“Noble Son Mu, this is the VIP-room prepared especially for you by Master Liu Pinyan. From this room, you can oversee the entire Auction House. This made from special material so that you can see outside, but there’s no way for those outside to you in this room. Moreover, in an unlikely case of attack, the strength of xuanli attack would be weakened by half due to the material of these walls.”

“If you would like to bid for an auctioned item, you may press this button and your bid will be placed. After the auction, all the successfully won items will be delivered to this room.”

Once the attendant was done with the introduction, he deferentially lowered his head and bent his waist in a bow before leaving the room.

Murong Qingyan observed the situation outside the room and nodded with satisfaction: “Looks like this Galuo Auction has some means indeed. Just two days ago they let the news of the pills circulate and the result isn’t half bad. Apart from Four Great Families, even most of somewhat well-to-do families also sent their people over. Even the Imperial Family sent its representative. This place is sure bustling, so the pills are likely to sell at a good price.”

Little White, confirming that there were no other people present in the room, jumped out of the space and darted towards the table, where he started gobbling on fruit snacks.

Seeing Little White’s appearance, Murong Qingyan couldn’t hold in her laughter: “Lil’ White, if someone saw you right now, they would think your master mistreats and abuses you on daily basis!”

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